June 2006

The Hotline, National Journal’s Daily Briefing on Politics, scores Mitt Romney as having the best first six months of 2006, heading into the 2008 presidential campaign. (more…)

There is a missionary couple in our ward who are now serving in the West Africa Ghana Mission, I believe in the city of Nkawkaw. The capital city is Accra, where they travel to restock on supplies. They recently forwarded one of those mass emails, which I am going to post here because of some of the wonderful stories it contains, and the lessons of service for everyone. (more…)

I really liked this story in the Salt Lake Tribune about the gardens at Temple Square. Everytime I go to Temple Square (which is not as often as it once was) no matter what time of year there are always, always, beautiful flowers in perfectly manicured gardens on the grounds. (more…)

Update 5:06 p.m.  This editorial from BYU Newsnet has a great take as well.  I’ve found it fascinating over the last couple of weeks to watch the United States Senate debate and then vote on two Constitutional amendments designed to protect two different things: 1. The family; 2. The flag. (more…)

A rather surprising and positive interview from the Christian Broadcast Network News division of Governor Mitt Romney. There is an article as well as a live interview on the CBN website. (more…)

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