July 2006

I got a chuckle out of this headline: Church Forced To Split, in today’s York Daily Record. At first blush, at least just reading the headline, one thinks of a church be forced to flee, or perhaps divided by force. Of course, once you get into the article you see that one of the local wards there in the York, PA Stake has grown large enough that they are “spliting” the ward into two wards, rather than the one. (more…)

The Sacramento Temple began its approximate one month of open houses on Saturday, 7/29/06. According to the Sacramento Bee, it was a very successful beginning. (more…)

BYU officials have announced that they will not re-open The BYU Jerusalem Center this fall. The official announcement is on The Jerusalem Center page here. According to BYU: (more…)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced on their website that they are going to send relief aid to the Middle East in early August. The Church is responding to an international call from the United Nations for humanitarian aid for the approximate 800,000 civilians who have been displaced as a result of the ongoing war: (more…)

Almost a month ago, I posted on a missionary couple serving in the West African Ghana Mission. I have received another update email that I wanted to share. It has some moving stories of service, humility, and some great Saints out there in a far away place in The Kingdom. They also forwarded some photos that I will post as well. The email is immediately below: (more…)

Peggy Fletcher Stack has an excellent article in today’s Salt Lake Tribune chronicling the plight of Richard and Mardonne Neiman, LDS humanitarian missionaries currently serving in Beirut Lebanon.  While awaiting evacuation the Neimans are helping serve meals to displaced people in Beirut. (more…)

Update: 7/28/06: BYU will not re-open Jerusalem Center this fall.

In an update to my original BYU Jerusalem post here, BYU Newsnet reports that The Center is now being used as a voluntary relocation center for Church members living in Israel. (more…)

Unbelievably, Utah’s governor, Jon Huntsman, Jr. has hooked up with Senator John McCain’s potential presidental campaign, snubbing Governor Mitt Romney big time (as Dick Cheney would say). I have always like Senator McCain, until just recently when he has done everything possible to stumble over himself trying to embrace George Bush’s most failed and miserable policy that has placed America in an unwinnable war wtih no end in sight. (more…)

This is an idea who’s time has not only come–but quite frankly has long past. I have long hoped for an organization, something like the Anti-Defamation League for Mormons to take active measures to combat Mormon Bigotry. While its not quite the ADL, film maker Mitch Davis (see also here)has created an organization to combat religious bigtory toward Mormons. This story ran in today’s Deseret News, as well as other media organizations. Geoff B over at Millennial Star has a nice write up on it as well. (more…)

Update: 7/28/06:  BYU will not re-open Jerusalem Center this fall.

Despite the havoc over in Israel, it appears that the BYU Jerusalem Center is still a go. The Daily Herald reports: (more…)

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