Well, I’ve finally waded through most of the post and comments on the RT/Midgley threads, that Clark has succinctly listed here. Very entertaining, while enlightening as well. I confess, I have to agree with Bro’s. Midgley and Peterson over at the Iron Rod thread, that there has been precious little in terms of any substantive response from the Grant Palmer apologetic crowd to Midgley’s original response to RT. There’s been lots of name calling, and claims of meanness and nastiness (even some whale abuse)–but not much substantive response.

Be that as it may, I’m not an academic. I’m not even part of the Intellecturi. Rather, I’m just a simple country lawyer, and one of the weakest of those who are or can be called “saints.” I’m very grateful for fellow saints, though, like Bro’s Midgley and Peterson. I’ve never met Bro. Peterson; but, long ago and far away I did take a political science class from Bro. Midgley at the “Lord’s” University. I wished I knew then, what I know now.

Regardless, Thank You Dan Peterson and Lou Midgley for your willingness to “defend the faith”, even in all places, here in “The Bloggernacle.” I hope you’ll continue to be regulars keeping things just a bit more interesting.