Unbelievably, Utah’s governor, Jon Huntsman, Jr. has hooked up with Senator John McCain’s potential presidental campaign, snubbing Governor Mitt Romney big time (as Dick Cheney would say). I have always like Senator McCain, until just recently when he has done everything possible to stumble over himself trying to embrace George Bush’s most failed and miserable policy that has placed America in an unwinnable war wtih no end in sight. The Washington Post has reported:

Huntsman has agreed to serve as a co-chairman of McCain’s Straight Talk America political action committee. He will help coordinate politics and policy for McCain in Western states . . .

Huntsman’s support for McCain strikes deep into the political base of Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, another of the potential contenders for the Republican nomination.

Huntsman is a member of one of Utah’s most prominent Mormon families. His father, billionaire philanthropist Jon Huntsman Sr., had been a leading contributor to Romney’s Commonwealth PAC and said he would like to see Romney seek the presidency. The younger Huntsman, who was ambassador to Singapore before his election in 2004, is friendly with Romney and had served as an informal adviser to him on foreign policy matters, according to published reports.

It’s early in the 2008 presidental poker game, and yet here’s Huntsman showing everyone his cards well before even the first round. If you’re a republican governor–no– make that Utah’s Governor, with potential political ambitions of your own, don’t you at least want to wait and see how things begin to play out before making this type of commitment? Apprently not. To me, at least for Jon Huntsman this seems like a big gamble at this stage of the ’08 race.

What kinds of questions is this likely to raise for Mitt Romeny? The governor of the state where a considerable amount of Romney’s financial support may be backs the other guy. This should be interesting. And, check out this post on the Right Angle, pointing out Huntsmans’ hypocrisy on orginally claiming he would back Romney for President, not McCain. Did Huntsman really change his mind, just recently, based on an issue like immigration–in Utah–are you kidding me?

Evangelicals for Mitt also has an interesting post on this story here

Update: 7/20/06 11:10 a.m. Over at Iowan’s for Romney, Jeff Fuller posts his resposne to Huntsman’s McCainizing.

Update: 7/20/06 1:57 p.m.  See the Deseret News coverage here, and the Salt Lake Tribune coverage here.