Wizbang takes a look at the current 2008 Republican slate of Presidential candidates, and has some good things to say about Mitt Romney, after first dismissing McCain as just another United States Senator who can’t win at the Presidential level. He has a point, and lists several examples, including Senators Kerry, Dole, Dukakis, Mondale. As I recall, the last United States senator who actually landed in the Oval Office was JFK, and that was way back in the 1960’s.

Wizbang doesn’t think too much of Rudy from N.Y. either. He doesn’t have the staying power required for along national campaign. I also think Rudy’s personal life will likely be an issue during a Presidential campaign.

romney-1.jpgOn Romney, Wizbang notes:

What about Romney? It’s wrong to think that folks are all that worried about a Mormon becoming President – I don’t see that it will matter if he can get past his real anchor – he’s from Massachusetts, but is a Republican. He’s everything the Democrats hate, so he may not even carry his home state, normally the kiss of death for a national contender, and Republicans are not all that excited by Romney, mostly because he has not been around the ‘Red Meat’ Republicans that usually do well in elections. I’d lock Romney in a room with a bunch of Reagan speeches, along with the ones which Dubs did well. I’d even throw in a few of the G.H.W. Bush speeches from his 1980 and 1988 campaigns – if “Poppy” Bush can sound manly by studying ‘Red Meat’ speechifying, then Romney could do well to learn it. As it is, he stands out kind of like Kerry at a NASCAR event. And it just makes sense to be as un-Kerry-like as possible.

So, Romney can use some Gipper training, and a more blue collar appeal–but, from what I’ve seen Romney’s a pretty quick study. One thing I like about Romney is that like Reagan he has that wholesome all American appeal–but unlike Reagan Romney has a great deal of substance. Though Reagan had substance (unlike George Bush who has absolutely none) Reagan just didn’t seem to have the intellectual fire power that Romney has at his command. Wizbang’s post again confirms my theory Romney is getting very serious consideration by mainstream media and blogs. So–how would he stack up against Hillary? 🙂