(Updated 8/10/06) [Note: This is an updated post from the old M&A Blogger site, containing the most recent links and commentary on this issue.] A “recent” article in the Los Angeles Times has returned the issue of The Book of Mormon and DNA to the news media. My purpose in this post is simply to catalogue to the extent possible, in one location as much of the DNA and Book of Mormon discussion that has occurred in the Bloggernacle and other sources. If anyone knows of posts, threads or discussions I have missed, please let me know so that I may include them here. I will disclose up front that I believe the Book of Mormon to be what it claims to be, i.e., a Second Witness for Jesus Christ. Therefore, I will retain editorial control over the links I post. My purpose is to provide links that will impart information for faithful Latter-day Saints to become informed on these issues, and to allow them to study it out in their own minds. Many of the Blog links below are generally faithful discussions of this issue; however, some of the comments are at times critical of the Church’s position.

The Los Angeles Times article or here.

Church’s Official Response

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Jeff Lindsay.com
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LDS Science Review
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Meridian Magazine
8/10/02 Parable of the Chess Club by Geoffrey Biddulph

Millennial Star
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5/25/05 New Paper on DNA Book of Mormon Issue
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9/15/05 Sherem The Foreigner
10/1/05 Church Affirms Divinity of Book of Mormon
10/26/05 Jewish DNA
11/12/05 Another Scientist Takes On Southerton
2/18/06 L.A. Times Discovers Another Old Story
3/12/06 Can Iceland Chill Out The DNA Issue

Mormon Metaphysics
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Our Thoughts
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Radio Blogger
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2/21/06 The Other Side of the Book of Mormon DNA Debate–Daniel Peterson

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2/17/06 Old News New Attacks

Straight and Narrow Blog
2/18/06 Lamanite Redux

Sunstone Magazine
December 2004 Logical Structure DNA Arguments by Blake Ostler
May 2005 DNA Strands In The Book of Mormon by Blake Ostler

Times and Seasons
11/25/03 The Curse
11/26/03 Nephites, Lamanites, and Native Americans
11/30/03 Nephites and Lamanites Redux

Whole Note
2/16/06 DNA and The Book of Mormon

Woody’s Woundup
2/16/06 DNA and The Book of Mormon