I just finished spending a spectacular week amidst some of God’s most breathtaking handywork, Yosemite, CA. I went up as part of our Young Men’s scouting program, with the older 14 and up scouts (or as they are technically called, crew).

You can’t really spend any time in places like Yosemite without pondering the greater universe and all of creation. The geologic wonders during the day, and the astronomy at night gives one pause to contemplate the the miracles of creation.

Each night in addition to great food, we had a devotional during which each young man had an opportunity to take a few moments and discuss a spiritual thought or scripture or any spiritual contemplation they prepared. This activity was a text book example of exactly how the scouting program can and does work as the activity arm of the Aaronic Priesthood quorums.

I mentioned great food. The young men essentially prepared all the meals with some leader guidance and observation; but for the most part this was entirely a young men’s production. Our first night we had dutch oven pizza, which was not only easy to prepare, but way better than the local pizza joint.

We also had blueberry cobbler for desert, also off the taste charts.

Bridalveil Fall was a bit low but still flowing all the way to the ground.

Because it was a bit lower than earlier in the season it left clear a trail of rocks exactly just what scouts (and the general public) love to explore (though at least one of their adult leaders stayed back to take the photos ;-))

One of the most striking Yosemite views is the Tunnel View which shows the three most well known Yosemite landmarks: El Capitan, Half Dome, and Bridalveil Fall (not to mention the thick evergreen carpet of the valley):

Glacier Point is arguably the most breathtaking view in the park:

Of course we also made time for some of the more practical aspects of camping like learing how to start a fire without the benefit of matches or lighters:

It was just an incredible trip–with memories to last a lifetime. I posted several other of the photos I took on my flickr account here.