hinckley_mr.jpgPresident Gordon B. Hinckley is reporting on the eve of the Church’s 176’th Semi-annual General Conference that he is cancer free.

Today’s Salt Lake Tribune reports that President Hinckely has informed the Church’s General Authorties that his health is goood:

Possibly to allay such fears, Hinckley this week told LDS general authorities he is finished with chemotherapy and is “cancer-free.” He is thinner and weaker, but goes to his office in downtown Salt Lake City most days. Colleagues report he seems energized by his continuing work.

At the Church’s General Conference last April, many thought President Hinckley may have been delivering his last Conference address when he spoke about living in the sunset of his life:

Most people thought President Gordon B. Hinckley was saying goodbye during the LDS Church’s General Conference in April.

“I am in the sunset of my life,” Hinckley told thousands of church members gathered at the giant Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City and millions more around the globe watching via satellite. “I am totally in the hands of the Lord.”

Yet, despite having undergone cancer surgery at 95, President Hinckely has shown indeed that he is in the Lord’s hands by keeping up with a very busy and productive schedule:

In early June, Hinckley traveled to Iowa City, Iowa, to speak at a fireside commemorating the 150th anniversary of the start of the handcart companies.

On June 23, he celebrated his 96th birthday by participating in a groundbreaking for a new building at Brigham Young University to be named in his honor. In August, he spoke at another groundbreaking, this time for a new temple in Draper.

On Sept. 1, he met in a closed-door meeting with President Bush; on Sept. 3, he dedicated a new temple in Sacramento, Calif.; and 10 days later, he was on hand to dedicate the new LDS Business College building at the old Triad Center in downtown Salt Lake City.

On Saturday, he addressed millions of Mormon women at the annual General Relief Society meeting, broadcast from the Conference Center.

President Hinckley is expected to conduct sessions at the upcoming General Conference as well as address the Church at that Conference:

This weekend, Hinckley will conduct the church’s two-day conference, during which he may speak several times. Many Mormons will tune in to hear what he chooses to talk about in what could be among his last sermons. They will be looking to judge for themselves just how well he seems.

That’s OK with Hinckley. “The life of a president of the church is not his own,” he said in April. “He has very little privacy and no secrets.”

I, like many other Latter-day Saints look forward to hearing his counsel over the next few days.