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5:00 p.m. Conducting Thomas S. Monson, First Counselor, First Presidency

Choir Brigham City UT Melchizedek Priesthood Choir

President Hinckley Presiding.

5:02 p.m Choir sings See The Mighty Angel Flying

5:07 p.m. Invocation: Clate W. Mask, Jr. Second Quorum of The Seventy

5:08 p.m. Choir sings Guide Us O Thou Great Jehovah

5:11 p.m. Henry B. Eyring, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

All are members of a quorum in the priesthood. He was the only deacon, and his brother the only teacher. He knows what it is like to serve without a quorum. The strength in a quorum does not come from the numbers in it. Rather it comes from how completely its members are united in righteousness.

Alma describes unity of a quorum. No contention one with another. Look forward with one eye to one baptism. Alma taught that members hearts are changes through Atonement of Christ. This is how hearts are knit together.

D& C 107, duties of each president in each quorum. Covenants are solemn promises. Covenants require faith in Jesus Christ.

Quorums are taught more than just by lessons. We also learn by service. That power is multiplied by more than numbers. Each quorum has a leader. Miracles of power come as quorums reach out to serve others, such as inviting out inactive members. This can and will have consequences unforseen at the time.

Deacons quorum presidents can be inspired. Hearts can be knit at this level. Unity lasts when forged in the Lord’s service.

Fellowship among members important. They help each other. The encourage each other to serve in righteousness. The friendship bonds forged at this level can and do last a life time. Christ said if you’re not one you’re not mine.

Christ invited the first Quorum of Twelve with the injunction to Come Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men. Please accept Christ’s invitation to be come one as a quorum in unity.

Christ lives and holds the Keys to the Priesthood. The priesthood was restored to Joseph Smith.

5:25 p.m. D. Todd Christopherson President of the Quorum of Seventy

Mother had radical cancer surgery when he was a boy. She came close to death. She learned to use a machine to help her with ironing. She was upset when her husband bought the machine until he told her he had gone without lunches for a year. He sacrificed and actively loved his wife.

Lehi plead with Laman and Lemuel to be men. They acted like children. They did not value spiritual things. They played the victim.

Today we see the same. Morals are relaxed. Living together more popular than marriage. Story of a young man in neutral. We as the priesthood holders of God must become men. We cannot afford to stand still. We must make a difference in the world.

We should be models to those who look to us for an example. The family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to God’s plan. Children are entitled to a father and mother.

The faith and capacity of our women is remarkable. Do we have young men to match these women?

Integrity is fundamental to being men. It means honoring covenants. Good men make mistakes and a good man will correct his mistakes. True manhood sometimes is measured by the labors we undertake. The life of true manhood is the good life.

We must think of Christ when we think of manhood. Christ stands as the highest ideal of manhood. Behold the man. We should be like Christ. This is our ultimate quest.

He rejected temptation. He countered with scripture.

Christ was obedient. He forsook the natural man. He submitted to the Father’s will. He kept the Father’s will.

Christ went about doing good. He healed the sick, raised the dead, gave sight to the blind. You who shall be the chief shall minister to all.

Christ was fearless in opposing evil and error. He cast out the money makers from the Temple. He called upon all to repent and be forgiven. He gave his life for all

5:36 p.m. Marcus B. Nash First Quorum of the Seventy

His father taught him how to set the bait on the hook to fish properly. He waited for the right moment, flopped the trout right out of the water.

1. A fish out of water is useless
2. The fish was caught that day because he was deceived.

1. Basic purpose of our life is to have joy. Just as a fish needs water we need the gospel. Doing wrong and feeling right is not possible because of our Divine nature. When we do not live the gospel, we will be like a fish out of water. Wickedness never was happiness. The Gospel of Christ is the plan for happiness.

2. We must be careful of the lures in our path. We must be wise, so we do not get pulled away from a gospel centered life. Satan wishes to captivate us and deceive us. Satan stands ready to set the hook in our lives. Moroni saw our day and he warned us touch not the evil gift and the unclean thing. Do not touch them. They are subtly disguised today.

For those who have been involved in unclean things there is repentance through Christ’s Atonement. We all need to repent to one degree or another. Repentance requires us to make changes in our life.

When our faith causes change in our lives we come unto Christ’s power. Christ has all power to save all men who believe on his name.

When Joseph lost the 116 pages of the Book of Mormon he was miserable. If he had been faithful, God would have supported him. He was told if he repented he would be forgiven.

We should live the gospel to be happy. If we are involved in evil, make the changes to make our lives happy. We need to build on the rock of the sure foundation–Jesus Christ. He is the rock and the one sure foundation for happiness and healing. He knows our name and loves us.

5:46 p.m. Stanley G. Ellis Second Quorum of the Seventy

When he was called on a mission he obtained a legal document called a power of attorney, which is a very, very powerful document. It allows another person to conduct all your financial matters, including selling assets. Christ has given us His power and authority to act in his name, through the priesthood. We can perform the ordinances of salvation in His name. We can perform temple ordinances. We can bless, home teach and heal the sick. Christ trusts us to exercise this power, the priesthood.

The Lord is careful with his priesthood. To exercise his priesthood is a sacred obligation. We receive the priesthood by way of covenant. We promise to obey the commandments and he blesses. Upon receiving The Melchizedek Priesthood we take upon us the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood.

1. We promise to obey his commandments and keep covenants and exercise the priesthood.

2. Christ promises us we will be sanctified by the spirit. All the Father has will be given us.

D&C 121 outlines out priesthood is to be used. By longsuffering, patience. By aspiring to the honors of me or cover our sins or exercise control over others we lose our priesthood power. We should review D&C 121 regularly.

For the Strength of Youth is a guide to help us. We never know when we will be called upon to use our priesthood. Accidents can and do happen when we may need immediate blessings. Be prepared.

Parable of the talents related. The servant who returned only one talent was a wicked and unwise servant. This seemed to be a harsh reaction; however, the Lord expects a difference–not just the same he has given us. Did we or have we made a difference in our callings and our priesthood obligations?

If we exercise Christ’s priesthood in His way we will be good and faithful servants. Christ lives. He knows and loves us. He has given us His priesthood authority. We should use it in His way.

5:55 p.m. Choir and congregation sing Rejoice the Lord is King

5:58 p.m. James Faust Second Counselor First Presidency

Related story of the cattle grazing, and requiring rock salt for minerals. He helped replenish the rock salt with a horse “slow poke” Nutrients help growth in animals and humans. We need to be replenished spiritually as well as physically. The spirit needs love and also good doctrine.

Prepare for baptism, with a broken heart and contrite spirit, and repenting of our sins. Our most spiritual nutrient is our testimony of Christ. The testimony is confirmed by the Holy Ghost. From testimony comes faith and the blessings of heaven.

Some nutrients:

1. Study Scriptures each day. This will help us change our lives and know what we are doing wrong in our lives. By incorporating scriptures in our lives we will increase our spiritual nutrients.

2. Selfless Service is an important nutrient

3. Nutrient of Faith is critical.

Spiritual nutrients can lose their strength if we don’t live worthily. We need to keep our minds and bodies clean from poison and pollution. Be careful what we view on Internet, movies, television. We need to increase our spiritual strength.

We meet tonight as the priesthood holders of God to be spiritually nourished. Each Aaronic priesthood holder has essential elements within for eternal salvation. Some elements need to be nourished.

The same spirit that possesses our bodies when we die will be the spirit we have in the eternal world. Through the priesthood we are able to bless others. Whomsoever we bless Christ will bless. Let us be committed in our families our spouses and children. Let us go forth in righteousness.

6:12 p.m. President Monson First Counselor First Presidency

Eccleiastes. Fear God and Keep his commandments. This is the noble duty of man.

Duty is the most sublime word in our language. We should do more and never do less. As priesthood holders much is expected of us.

Everyman should learn his duty and act in the office in which he is appointed. We should honor our priesthood and be true to the trust of this power and gift.

Do your duty; that is best. Leave unto the Lord the rest. Quorum presidents duty does not end when released. The duty continues for life.

Melchizedek Priesthood holders should also magnify our callings. The hungry sheep look up waiting to be fed the bread of life. Our task is to reach out to those who need our help. We are on the Lord’s errand and are entitled to His help.

If we don’t try we don’t do. If we don’t do, then why are we here? When the call comes to provide a priesthood blessing we need to be worthy to do so. We cannot escape the effect of our personal influence. Make certain it is positive and uplifting. Are our hands clean and our hearts pure?

The call of duty can come quietly. It is our duty to learn what the Lord wants. Then we need to magnify our calling so that people will be glad to follow us. We magnify our calling by performing the service that pertains to that calling.

Be doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving only yourselves. Epistle of James.

There are those who want to return; but, don’t know how to return. Let’s have ready hands, clean hands and ready hearts.

Time marches on. Duty keeps cadence with that march. Duty is always present. Wherefore now let every many learn his duty, and to act in the office to which he is appointed with all diligence.

We will follow in the footsteps of the Master if we do this.

6:32 p.m. President Gordon B. Hinckley, Prophet, Seer, Revelator

Brethren you look like a shirt sleeve priesthood. You look like you are ready to go to work. Now is the time to go to work. The conference center is filled to capacity. This is the largest priesthood gathering ever. We are congratulated for our attendance tonight.

Rise Up O Men of God–in our hymn book. He quotes from this hymn some of its verses. The scriptures are plain in their application to us.

Lehi’s words clarion call to the priesthood: Awake my sons, put on armor of righteousness. Shake off chains with which ye are bound.

We can all improve our lives. Aaronic Priesthood holders are entitled to the ministering of angels.

We must not partake of pornography, not be guilty of abuse of any kind. Do not have unclean thoughts. Rise up above these things.

Fear not for I am with thee. I will strengthen thee, I am thy God. Some young men dress in a slouchy manner. It is unbecoming of young priesthood holders. God has spoken against profanity and taking of the Lord’s name in vain. Our language can and does match our dress.

God has mandated we get all the education we can. There is a troubling trend. In the U.S. 73% of young men compared to 65% of young men graduate from high school. This is not good. 61% of young men enroll in college. Young women it is 72%.

By 2010 40% males and 60% females will be enrolled in college. Women are earning more college degrees than men. Young women exceed young men in pursuing educational programs. Young men should discipline themselves to take advantage of education. Do you want to marry someone who’s education is far superior to your own?

Pornography easily becomes an addiction of the worse kind. President Hinckely read from a letter of a victim, a 35 year old male. He has been addicted to pornography most of his adult life. The addiction is as real as alcohol. He was first introduced to pornography as a child when he was molested. He believes this early exposure is at the root of his addiction today. Those who support pornography say it is freedom of expression. But, if you are addicted you have no freedom or free agency.

Please plead with the brethren of the Church to avoid and eliminate pornographic material in their life. Turn off cable channels in their homes if they are inappropriate. Pornography and perversions have become so commonplace that they are everywhere.

We need to talk to our children and explain how pornography is. Please pray for those who are so addicted to have the courage and strength to be free from this addiction. The computer is a wonderful instrument when properly used. But, when used for pornography or other evil matters, you need to have the self discipline to turn it off.

Whatsoever temple is defiled, God shall destroy that temple. We must take care of our mortal body and avoid that which can do us harm.

Be though humble and the Lord God will lead thee by the hand and give thee answers. God shall give thee knowledge by the Holy Ghost.

We should study the life of Christ and his example. We will also learn much from studying the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

If we make an effort to improve our lives the results will be come evident.

6:47 p.m. Choir sing Lead Kindly Light

Benediction W. Craigswick Quorum of the Seventy