Monday, October 23rd, 2006

West Africa Ghana MissionI’ve received another incredible email update from the Moncurs, serving their fellow man, and their God over in the West Africa Ghana Mission. Reading these emails, and thinking back to my own mission years in South America puts modern day life here in the well fed and talkative west into some much needed perspective. I’ve posted the email below. After the email are 14 photographs of mission life in West Africa Ghana Mission. I’ve also posted on this same mission here, here, here, and here.  The photos posted at the end are reduced in size.  The full sized photos are even more incredible, and you can see them here. (more…)

For my friends who read the Messenger and Advocate; but don’t get much further around the Bloggernacle, I wanted to point you to two posts I’ve done in the last two days over at the Bloggernacle Times, here and here. They both discuss, and provide additional links to commentary on the yellow journalism and religious bigotry coming out of the Globe, about the Church and Mitt Romney. Any updates will be posted over at the Bloggernacle Times.