This is a great story in today’s Tribune. It profiles a group of LDS Harley riding Temple riders. They are called The Temple Riders, and you can visit their website here. I had no idea such a group existed; but, they have 600 members in chapters all over the country:

Bikers are supposedly foulmouthed, freewheeling, hard-drinking highway desperadoes.
So go the stereotypes. Then there are the Temple Riders. Not to be confused with Hells Angels, this bunch is more mild than wild.

They don’t smoke, drink or chew. Heck, even swear words are off-limits. But not the LDS temples and other church hangouts they haunt. “The only qualifications that you [need] to be a member is to own your own motorcycle and to abide by the group rules,” says Terry Flack, a member of the Temple Riders Association that has been biking streets in cities along the Wasatch Front and elsewhere for 18 years.

Most, but not all, members are married Mormons. Flack and his wife, Marlane, who hail from West Valley City, have been chapter members for four years and are eager to spread the word. And they have found the field ripe and ready to harvest for converts . . .

Six charter couples united in Utah in 1988 to start Temple Riders. The association has since blossomed into a 600-member organization with chapters throughout the U.S. mainland, Hawaii and as far away as Sidney, Australia.

During the year, the association hosts activities to promote Christian values, scenic adventure and temple attendance. “What an inspiration it is to be with these people,” Marlane Flack says. “It doesn’t matter what situation you are [in] in your life. We have good people who ride with us.”

Certainly not your father’s biker club!