October 2006

I have posted over at Bloggernacle Times a link to this opinion, as well as what I felt to be the most relevant portions of the court’s analysis and opinion. It is a rather long post; however, I have also provided the court’s synopsis so that you can read just the summary of its opinion if you want. This is an important win for those who believe in the importance the traditional definition of marriage. It is important because begins to outline the legal landscape of this debate in California. Now it remains to be seen whether there will be an appeal (likely) and whether the California Supreme Court will hear the appeal (also likely I think).

templeamankwa.jpgI have received further news via email from the West Africa Ghana Mission, Elder and Sister Moncur. Their fascinating email and new photographs are posted below. (The photos follow the email). You’ll read all about the “green bowl”, get an update on the orphan Phillip, and incredible front line accounts from the Ghana Mission field.  Also, if anyone knows about the documentary PBS is doing on the Church in Africa that Paul mentions in his email, please leave a comment with any information you might have. Note that you can view all these photos and other West Africa Ghana Mission photos at my flickr account here and here. If you click on the flikr photos you can enlarge them to their full size for printing if you want. Prior mission posts on this mission are here, here, and here. The email begins below the page break: (more…)

The final session of General Conference is now upon us–it seems like this weekend has just zoomed by. It’s been a wonderful experience to listen to the words and counsel of living Propehts, Seers, Revelators, and Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ. (more…)

Good Sunday Morning! For conference watchers, please see the Church’s website here and here for viewing options. For the Bloggernacle watchers, both By Common Consent and Times and Seasons have open threads again for today’s conference sessions. I notice BCC’s thread is entitled TOTAL general conference. I’m not sure whether that means it has fewer calories, or is more healthy or just what. Perhaps Ronan will clarify for us.

Over here, I will live blog as long as my fingers hold out, once conference gets going. (more…)

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