November 2006

dsc02025.jpgHello everyone, I’ve received the most recent installment of email stories and photographs from the Moncurs, currently serving in the West Africa Ghana Mission. As usual the email and photos are thought provoking, and extremely interesting. You will read stories and see photos about the Ghanantan Robbers, crooked government officials, a grateful hosptial staff, and the very moving history of a slave castle–all in one email. As I read these emails, each time I focus on how abundantly blessed we are. I look forward to the next batch of emails, as this next month will bring Christmas–once I suspect will leave a lasting impression. I recall my first Christmas as a missionary in South America, decades ago now, as though it were last year.

The email follows, with the photos after that. I know that the Moncurs do stop by and read these posts when time permits. If you know them (or even if you don’t) and want to leave them a message of encouragement, feel free to do so in the comments. (more…)

(Update: For more on this issue, please see The Bloggernacle Times) Andrew Sullivan, a so called conservative blogger, who happens also to be “gay” has a series of posts over at the Daily Dish, the content of which reveals an unabashed anti-Mormon religious bigotry. He starts with this ludicrous post denying that believing members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) are Christian. Opines Sullivan: (more…)

Warren Jeffs’ preliminary hearing began today in Utah’s Dixie, St. George Utah. After reading the press coverage, and watching some clips of the actual hearing, I have concluded the media coverage, particularly cable TV, is sensationalistic, and the prosecution case weak. (more…)

West Africa Ghana MissionI have received the November update from Elder and Sister Moncur, serving in West Ghana Africa Mission. Below I have reprinted their email and photos, full of exciting experiences in the mission field. Each month seems to be a new adventure, with tales of vigilante justice, and of course the unusual traffic and driving conditions that exist there.

Prior West Africa Ghana Mission Posts you can visit are located here. Scroll down to see all six posts on this mission.

I don’t know too much about the Church or its history in Ghana. The Church website has some very interesting information. The Church first came to Ghana in the 1950’s in the form of missionary pamphlets, and grew rapidly from there. You can read a little about this history here.

There is now a Temple in Ghana, of which the Moncurs have spoken in this and previous emails. You can read about the Temple here. As I have said before, this must be a mission experience of a lifetime. Thanks to the Moncurs for sharing their emails and photos. The email follows below: (more…)

May She Rest In PeaceThe news flash, apparently official, The Millennial Star no longer shines. The Star’s bloggers were an eclectic group, producing some interesting reading during their run. The Advocate bids adieu to a sister namesake.

DMI Dave, has a great post up over at, well of course, DMI. In his post-election depression Dave has begun to lament the lovely lentil–and, a five year boycott appears to be imminent. Since he has, probably wisely, closed off comments over at DMI, I’ll respond over here. (more…)

For my friends who frequent the Messenger and Advocate; but, do not journey further into the Bloggernacle (which by the way you really should) I’ve posted about one of the most tragic stories I have ever read on the Iraq war over at The Bloggernacle Times.

President Gordon B. Hinckley who is 96 years old is about to become the Church’s oldest serving Prophet in Church history. (more…)