DMI Dave, has a great post up over at, well of course, DMI. In his post-election depression Dave has begun to lament the lovely lentil–and, a five year boycott appears to be imminent. Since he has, probably wisely, closed off comments over at DMI, I’ll respond over here.

It’s still too early to implement the lentil boycott; but, if the numbers hold, Dave is correct, the United States will see its first Senate Majority leader who also happens to be LDS. Unlike Dave, I think this will be good both for Harry Reid, as well as the country. I also think it will be good for the Church’s image, particularly in light of Mitt Romney’s potential Presidential bid. I think Senator Reid will demonstrate that LDS political leaders do not take their marching orders from Salt Lake City. I think he will further demonstrate that the LDS Church is not some crazy, kooky, cult as painted by some of our more extreme Evangelical brothers and sisters. This can only be a good thing for the country, The Church, and future LDS political leaders of whatever position.

More importantly, I think the election allows our country the opportunity for a much needed change of direction. I don’t for a second believe the Democratic majorities in the House of Representatives, and possibly the Senate, makes the Democrats the party of salvation for a failing and falling country; but, it does give everyone a chance to pause, reflect, and think–well where do we go from here?

For the first time in six years I feel hope. I hope for more reasoned discourse on a war the immorality of which is exceeded only by its incompetent planning, implementation, and continued prosecution. I hope for a more rationale approach to priorities that desperately need attention here at home in America–from Maine to San Diego, Seattle to Tampa, and everywhere in between. I hope for a more careful analysis, interpretation and protection of the greatest living and still inspired governing document ever penned: The United States Constitution.

Unfortunately, my hopes rely, for the most part, on uninspired political leaders and parties. In the recent past, neither political party has shown much inspired leadership. That too is my hope: that we will see some inspired leadership (from both sides of the aisle) now that a new page has turned on the American political scene. Perhaps we will see more comity between the governing parties, less divisiveness and much more progress as we try to work together to restore America’s greatness and Divinely appointed leadership role throughout the world.

Here’s hoping we can put some of that shine back into that Shining City Upon a Hill.