December 2006

And this time it’s state sponsored. Just days after the the most Christian nation on the face of the earth celebrated the Holy Birth of the Son of the Everlasting God, its leaders turned Saddam Hussein over to his own people for a state sponsored killing. For those who frequent the Messenger and Advocate; but don’t venture much further into the Bloggernacle, I have posted my thoughts on Saddam’s exeuction over at the Bloggernacle Times. Feel free to drop by and share your thoughts if you are so inclined.

Jesus Christ–Son of God–Love’s Pure LightEach year, traditionally on Christmas Eve, the Editorial Page of the Wall Street Journal publishes this editorial. Each year, I read this editorial. Each year I am more moved than the last–impressed at its truth, clarity, and relevance in this failing and fallen world. May the Peace and Significance of this Season permeate our hearts, minds and souls through out the upcoming new year. (more…)

U[The Deseret News is reporting this afternoon, an incredibly tragic story of two sister missionaries who were killed in an automobile accident in Orlando, Florida: (more…)

I have a contact in the space industry who forwarded me an email with some photos of the Atlantis Space Shuttle launch 9/9/06, viewed from an unsusal perspective.  Originally I posted they were shot from the ISS; but, a commenter below has provided a link suggesting they were taken from a NASA high altitude research aircraft.  I really don’t know; but, I thought the photos were pretty cool. And, for a change of posting pace, I’m posting them below. (more…)

Senator Harry Reid

Just over a month after Americans spoke loudly and clearly that they wanted a new strategy in Iraq, if not the withdrawl of American forces from that war torn country, the new democratic majority leader, Senator Harry Reid has abdicated his leadership role by agreeing to a troop increase. (more…)

Round yon Virgin–Mother and Child

Today’s Deseret News carried an intresting article about the Virgin Mary, and how some scholars view her. Of course there is a great deal of discussion about whether the story of the Virgin Birth, or Virgin Conception is literal or figurative. Appropriately, it is entitled “A Matter of Faith. (more…)

warren-jeffs.jpg5th District Judge James L. Shumate has ruled that FLDS leader Warren Jeffs must stand trial on rape charges. This is not particularly surprising given the low threshold Utah had to meet; but, I think the prosecution still has a long row to hoe to convince a jury to convict on the accessory to rape charge. (more…)

(Update 12/12/06 5:30 p.m.) Check out American Thinker on  their take of a possible Romney/Rice ticket to counter a Clinton/Obama ticket–interesting times. Well, that is if you believe the Boston Globe. Thus far the Boston Globe’s reporting on Mitt Romney leaves just a bit to be desired–see here and here. But, I suppose that if the Boston Globe concedes that Governor Romney is a serious contender for the Republican Presidential Nomination there may just be something to the story. (more…)

In the post I did about the long arm of Warren Jeffs’ law, PDOE and APJ made some interesting comments, that I think actually merit their own post. They essentially drew parallels between Warren Jeffs’ Hilldale Police Department and Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo Legion.

Nauvoo Legion


West Africa Ghana MissionI received a surprise West Africa Ghana Mission Update this morning, and wanted to get it posted before I left town this afternoon to travel down to our ward L.A. Temple trip. The email and photos as always are beyond description. I am truly humbled by the lives the saints and others in this part of the world live. They are an inspiration . I hope you enjoy this update. The email is below and immediately following will be the photos.  You can see other posts on this mission here.  Just scroll down to see all the prior posts. (more…)

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