December 2006

Warren JeffsToday’s Salt Lake Tribune has an interesting article on law enforcement in Hilldale, UT and Colorado City, AZ. It seems that some of Warren Jeffs’ loyalists included those who are charged with enforcing the law in these two communities: (more…)

juliana-myers.jpg (Updated 12/7/06 6:45 a.m.) This is actually a follow up post to Dave’s excellent post over at Bloggernacle Times here. Today, the bride and BYU Student Julianna Myers testified in a preliminary hearing against both her biological parents, Julia Redd, 58, and Lemuel Hardison Redd, 61, of Monticello, UT. (more…)

The Baptist Standard has an interesting article today about blogging religious opinions, with possibly some applicability for our own ‘nacle community and religious bloggers in general. The article quotes from a speech given by Hugh Hewitt to evangelical leaders: (more…)

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