The Church’s new website is up and running at Nice clean look–though I had to look in the index for the stake and ward website portal. Other than that, so far, I like it. Take it out for a spin.

Update 1/31/07 8:10 a.m. In response to my email feed back on the Church’s website about their new look, I received the following email:

Church Global Service Desk <>
to me

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8:00 am (3 minutes ago)
Right now stake/ward websites can be found in About The Church. We are working on a redesign to make it be found more easily. Thanks for the feedback.

Sincerely the Portal Team

In response to the following email:
I really like the site; but, I think you should have included a direct link to the stake and ward websites on the front page as there was on the old front page. I’ve posted about the new site on my blog here. A few people have commented. You may want to see their comments as well. You can read them here:

Category: General Feedback

So it appears there will be something that will make the link more user friendly.