dsc02506.JPGI’ve been too busy at work the past month or so to do any regular posting. I have received a couple of West Africa Ghana Mission updates from the Moncurs, which I have tried to post as I received them. This is another short update from the Moncurs, with a few more photos included.  To see all the West Africa Ghana Mission posts, please click here, and then scroll down to see all updates.

Dear Family and Friends,

We came to Accra for zone interviews and a missionary temple session on Tues, 2-20. This gave me an opportunity to check my e-mail and send a few photos.

Last Friday, 2-15, a large truck crashed into our church building. It destroyed the one room we have in the entire meeting site. It was where we stored all our plastic chairs (we have no pews), our books, manuals, nursery toys, portable pulpit, sacrament supplies, records, etc. Fortunately no one was in there at the time or it would have been a real tragedy.

I remain ever thankful for your prayers and efforts in our behalf.


Elder Moncur


The primary children got their CTR rings today. This little girl just couldn’t be prouder.


Our nursery kids lining up for a snack. These kids are always hungry. Hunger is a way of life here.


The offending truck. The rear end is in our room. If this were a cartoon I would have captioned it, “Next time just knock”; No one was hurt.


What’s left of our room after the truck was pulled out. It also knocked the power out. This will not be fixed anytime soon. There is no insurance company here to write a check to put things back together.



“Chose the Right” day at primary. These children are showing off their new CTR rings and the picture they colored.


A lot of animals are transported in cars in Ghana. No doubt this goat is thinking “Are we there yet?”