Darth Cheney courtesy of that other dark side in the ‘nacleMost now know that Dick Cheney has been invited by the Church to attend and speak at the BYU commencement in April. I previously posted on that topic over at Bloggernacle Times. I have now located (hat tip to A Soft Answer) an online petition for the BYU community, both past and present, to sign in opposition to this appearance, if you are so inclined. You can view and sign the petition here. You do not need to have attended or currently attend BYU to sign the petition. I also encourage you to visit and read Ronan’s post at BCC, as well as Connor’s post over at Conundrums. Finally, Julie M. Smith has weighed in over at T & S as well. All are well done. A late entry into the Cheney marketplace of ideas is Jim Cobabe’s post over at Snail Hollow Gazette.