March 2007

Anti-war Protesters(Update: Ronan also has a good Iraq piece over at BCC as does Dan over at the Good Democrat). Russell Arben Fox, has an excellent post over at Times and Seasons about the fourth anniversary of the Iraq war. For those who visit the Messenger and Advocate; but, don’t venture out much into the rest of the bloggernacle, please do visit and comment on Russell’s post. He beat me to the punch about posting on this anniversary; but, it was something I was going to do here anyway. I do so, if for no other reason to continue to express my unqualified opposition to what I consider to be an ill-conceived, mis-managed, immoral and illegal war of preemption waged in my name by my country, almost universally against the better wisdom and wishes of most other countries (including our own allies) in the world. (more…)

Cue the seagullsThat’s right. It’s that time of year–at least according to the Las Vegas Sun, which reports that the Mormon Crickets (which apparently are not really crickets after all) have begun hatching in near record numbers all across northern Nevada. (more…)

West Africa Ghana Mission ChildrenI have received the latest update from the West Africa Ghana Mission form the Moncurs.  Below is another faith filled email with photos that will give us all pause from the cluttered chaos of everyday life.  You can see all other West Ghana Mission posts here.  Just follow the link and then scroll down to see all prior emails and photos. (more…)

Historic Nauvoo has been nominated for one of the seven wonders of Illinois. You can help out by voting for Nauvoo here. Please go, and in the tradition of one of Chicago’s finest, vote early and vote often!

2007 Church YearbookThe National Council of Churches’ Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches has just released its 75th edition, which reports the largest 25 denominations/communions in the U.S. (noting an increase or decrease in membership since the 2006 Yearbook reports). (more…)

That’s So GayMSNBC’s website, among others carries a story that just begs to be blogged. It tells the unbelievable story of Rebekah Rice, a young woman who was the victim of religious harassment at school, and ended up in the principal’s office and disciplined for something she said as opposed to something that she actually did. (more…)

dsc02506.JPGI’ve been too busy at work the past month or so to do any regular posting. I have received a couple of West Africa Ghana Mission updates from the Moncurs, which I have tried to post as I received them. This is another short update from the Moncurs, with a few more photos included.  To see all the West Africa Ghana Mission posts, please click here, and then scroll down to see all updates. (more…)

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