April 2007

Updated 4/30/07 2:09 p.m.

The Mormons

The venerable New York Times, has reviewed the PBS production of “The Mormons“, and has given it a positive review. (more…)

West Africa GhanaI’ve received the latest email from Ghana. It is full of new stories, and photos of the missionary work there. The email and photos follow after the jump.  Other West Africa Ghana Mission photos are posted here: (more…)

Cheney clothed in the black robes of a false priesthood–A day that will live in infamy



(Updated 4/27/07 5:46 a.m.) Well, the evil deed is done. Dick Cheney has come and gone from BYU, been honored with a degree he didn’t deserve, and confirmed the fatal shift warned about decades ago by Brother Nibley. (more…)

The following post I received from Dr. Warner Woodworth, Mariott School of Management, BYU. It is his protest to Dick Cheney’s commencement address at BYU. I am posting it here at his request, exactly as it appeared in his email. (more…)

Cheney and BYUBoth the Salt Lake Tribune (also now here) and the Deseret News (also here) report the unthinkable: BYU is going to award Dick Cheney an Honorary Doctorate of Public Service. I had resigned myself to the fact that my alma mater had acquiesced to Dick Cheney’s self invitation to speak at its commencement; however, I cannot begin to fathom the thinking that went into the decision to award Dick Cheney an honorary degree of anything. (more…)

BYU VT VigilThe Deseret News has a touching article on a BYU candlelight vigil held Friday night to honor the victims of the VT massacre: (more…)

Just a quick note of extreme sadness for the horror and disbelief which unfolded over at Virgina Tech yesterday. No rants or raves–just genuine hurt and sorrow. I’m certain the nation’s collective thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and families. The VT flag, hat tip to Instapundit.

Sherpa has a nice post with MSM links over here.

Nauvoo ExpositorAnti-Mormon religious bigotry has officially returned to Nauvoo. Today’s Chicago Tribune reports on a couple, described as Christian evangelists from Chicago, proclaiming an anti-Mormon message. They are Rocky and Helen Hulse, who operate their anti-Mormon propaganda mission from a small store front called the Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center. A quick check of their website reveals the typical anti-Mormon diatribe, complete with borrowed (from other anti-Mormon sites) reproductions of the Temple endowment ceremony: (more…)

West Africa Ghana MissionFrom a land far away from the complete and utterly useless hype and hysteria of American pop culture, I have received another uplifting email from the Moncurs. They continue to have incredible and faith promoting experiences in the West Africa Ghana Mission. Elder Moncur describes in this email his personal encounter with skin cancer. He is doing well; but, prayers are always in order. Their email and photos follow. You can read the prior posts of the West Africa Ghana Mission here. Scroll down to see all the posts. (more…)

When first I heard of the Imus controversy, I thought immediately of Elder Jeffery Holland’s conference talk, The Tongue of Angels. As the controversy has exploded with Imus now losing not only his simulcast but also his radio show I’m wondering whether American society and pop culture is truly interested in cleaning up its verbal act. Or, is this overly dramatized single event only a media feeding frenzy and self flagellation bound up in our hypocrisy exhibited daily on talk radio, in our entertainment, music videos and modern movies? (more…)

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