April 2007

Jesus The Christ

That the Man, Jesus, surnamed the Christ (Talmage, Preface iii) is the literal Son of God the Father, Elohim. That He is a being, separate, distinct, and apart from God the Father, both of Whom have glorified, physical Resurrected Bodies of flesh and bone. (more…)

BYU Dick Cheney Protest Photo Courtesy of Onelowerlight Photo BlogToday, hundreds of students and faculty protested the planned commencement address of Dick Cheney. And, it happened, of all places at the Lord’s very own University, BYU. I say, Rise and Shout Cougs—you did good. There is some great coverage. The best site, I’ve seen for photos is at Onelowerlight’s blog. (who allowed me to repost a couple over here. Other posts covering the protests at Onelowerlight can be found here, here, here, here, and here. He is a BYU student and took a great selection of photos which he has posted. Make certain you double click on the photos to show them in their original size. They are really good. Sterling over at BCC has also posted on the protest, as has DMI Dave, and A Soft Answer.Β  As I find others, I will link to them. The national press has also extensively covered the protests, which I will link to below as I find them. I congratulate the students and faculty at BYU who were responsible for planning and executing a well organized protest. Great Job!

National Press coverage after the jump: (more…)

Mitt RomneySo asks the Washington Post’s Alec MacGillis, in a lengthy article, dealing with whether or not members of the Mormon Church constitute a substantial political base, and whether that’s a good thing. (more…)

Mitt Romeny, Fundraising LeaderThe latest fundraising figures are available for all presidential candidates for the first quarter of 2007. It was no surprise that Senator Hillary Clinton raised the most cash. It was nothing short of astonishing that Mitt Romney was a very close second to her. The AP is running a story that has been picked up all over the world. CNN’s version is typical. Updated 9:03 a.m Hugh Hewitt has an interesting post on the New York Times’ take on the Romney fundraising success. Briefly glancing over the Times’ article, I think Hewitt has a point. The Times is playing the Mormon Church card in Romney’s fundraising success, which is simply inaccurate. (more…)

salt-lake-temple.jpgWell, it’s Sunday afternoon, and the final session of General Conference is about to start. The same conference threads I referenced in the morning session are still open and active. (Note these notes are rough and need to be cleaned up, which I will do shortly; but have a few things to do prior to that). (more…)

Tabernacle Choir At ConferenceSunday morning on Conference weekend, and we’ve had some remarkable and historic Conference sessions so far. Bloggernacle conference threads this morning still find Ronan, wishin’ and hopin’ over at BCC. DKL has a Sunday morning thread over at Mormon Mentality. Finally, Russell over at Times and Seasons has also opened up a thread. You’ll find very insightful commentary at all three, with a touch of humor and possibly irreverence thrown in every now and again. (more…)

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