Well, Mitt has about come full circle, as I see it. He has been interviewed by the venerable Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes, which will be broadcast this Sunday. During that interview he commented on polygamy, calling the practice awful:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said his Mormon religious faith’s history of polygamy could trouble American voters but that he too is bothered by it.

The former Massachusetts governor, whose great-grandfather had five wives and whose great-great-grandfather had a dozen, said in an interview to be broadcast on Sunday that the practice banned by the Mormon church in 1890 was “awful.”

“That’s part of the history of the church’s past that I understand is troubling to people,” he said, according to comments to be aired on the CBS network’s “60 Minutes” television program. Excerpts were released on Thursday.

“I have a great-great grandfather. They were trying to build a generation out there in the desert and so he took additional wives as he was told to do. And I must admit, I can’t imagine anything more awful than polygamy,” he said.

Nothing more awful than polygamy Mitt? The polygamy practiced by your own ancestors and at one time in your own Church? Apparently those early Mormon prophets, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and John Taylor didn’t exactly share your viewpoint of polygamy. Neither did some of the ancient prophets of the Old Testament. Of course they weren’t running for President (other than Joseph, who never sold his soul to the media for votes).

I can imagine a great many things more awful than polygamy. How about the support of an odious and wasteful war, killing untold thousands of innocent Iraqis and sacraficing the precious blood of America’s finest Mitt? You really think polygamy was more awful than that? Your priorities Mitt are bass ackwards here.
Frankly I can’t think of anything more awful than a modern Mormon politician saying and doing anything in a media dance for political expediency. It’s a cheap shot at what once was considered a very sacred principle in early Mormon history Mitt. And, I just don’t recall awful as an adjective associated with that practice at the time.