Mitt Romney supporter and Bloggernacle blogger and commenter, Ryan Bell has started a new website in an effort to dispel the plethora of Mormon myths that abound on the Internet as a result of Mitt Romney’s campaign.Bro. Bell’s website is Romney Experience which he describes as explaining Mitt and Mormonism to an uniformed world. The Politico has a good write up on Ryan’s new blog here, which I encourage you to visit and read. One of Ryan’s motivations is what he calls the “weirdness factor” that some attribute to an uninformed view of Mormons and their religious beliefs.

While I don’t support Mitt Romney’s presidential ambitions, I welcome Ryan Bell’s informed and articulate voice in separating the myths from Mormonism. Best of luck Ryan.

Update 6/25/07  Please take a look at John F’s excellent post over at Mormon Mentality as well.