West Africa Ghana MissionI’ve received the latest email and photo update from the Moncurs, serving in the West Africa Ghana Mission. The email is much shorter, and the photos fewer, but they are still fascinating. I have to admit though, I’ve never really seen the Coke for Christ approach.

Thought you might enjoy these pictures of recent events. All continues to go well in Ghana. The weather has turned cooler, and power situation has improved for the time being. We continue to have great experiences. We’re pretty tired at the end of the day–Ghana tends to wear you out.

Miss everybody, and looking forward to coming home.


Elder Moncur

Ghana Mission 785

End of mission. Elder Buache arrives home to his village.


By complete accident I am seated next to the queen mother at the school dedication.


The chief arrives at a school dedication we attended. Each village has a chief and sub-chiefs. The men carrying the gold staffs are like go betweens. You don’t talk to the chief directly. You talk to these men, who then tell the chief what you said, even though he heard what you said. Then he answers back through one of these men.

Amankwah Mission call 012

Amankwah Mission call 012 – Start of mission. The moment captured when Jonathan learns he is going to Nigeria. He asked me to open the envelop and read the destination. Note the expression of disbelief on his mother’s face. Father on the left, me Jonathan, mother, and Fred (brother). Everyone’s happy, even his mother.


Parting shot. Commercialism gone astray. I don’t really see how “Coke” and religion mix

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