September 2007

Warren Jeffs Guilty

Pool photo by Douglas C. Pizac

A southern Utah jury convicted Warren Jeffs today on two counts of being an accessory to rape. I am very, very surprised, and disagree with this jury’s verdict. The jury was supposed to begin deliberations all over this morning because one juror was dismissed. Yet, here they have already returned a guilty verdict in just hours after they supposedly began anew. Court TV anchors and criminal defense attorneys commented that this would be their first appeal issue. (more…)

The prosecution and defense in the Warren Jeffs case have now both rested. They are giving closing arguments this morning, and the case is supposed to go to the jury this afternoon. Based on my reading of the trial testimony, I think the state has failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Warren Jeffs should be acquitted. (For my prior Jeffs’ posts, see here.) (more…)

Men on a MissionThe Naughty American has an interesting post about Chad Hardy’s spoof site (well it started as a spoof and gag) and ex-missionary calendar featuring, well of course, buff Missionaries! Chad’s site is, and features photos of the buff former missionaries posing for his calendar, meant to donate portions of the proceeds to charity . . .umm. (more…)

West Africa Ghana MissionI have received the latest West Africa Ghana Mission update email from the Moncurs. The email and photos are replete with their latest adventures and excitement that only West African Ghana can provide. It is sobering to read of a people so focused on the tasks of daily survival, not at all concerned about the distractions with which we here in the talkative well fed West are obsessed. The email and finally the photos follow below the jump–enjoy. (more…)