Men on a MissionThe Naughty American has an interesting post about Chad Hardy’s spoof site (well it started as a spoof and gag) and ex-missionary calendar featuring, well of course, buff Missionaries! Chad’s site is, and features photos of the buff former missionaries posing for his calendar, meant to donate portions of the proceeds to charity . . .umm.

It sounds like a pretty clever and kind of funny thing. The site is rather complete, including an FAQ page, shopping cart, and a meat meet the missionaries section. Hey, it even has a page for auditions. I’m thinking maybe some in the bloggernacle ought to apply. Steve Evans, Kaimi, or maybe Nate Oman, or Kevin Barney, or hey . . . how bout that Adam Greenwood character? Better yet, I think we should have a bloggernacle calendar. Maybe the gals over at fMh could head that up. Though I have to say, the Missionary Calendar Chad is putting out is quite sexist. I saw no Sister Missionaries. Maybe the fMh’ers could help us with that as well? 😉

Men on a Mission 2