November 2007

A Utah Judge sentenced Warren Jeffs yesterday, 11/20/07 to two five years to life, concurrent sentences, for his conviction in September on two counts of rape as an accomplice. I’ve been troubled by the Warren Jeffs case since his capture, and have posted previously about my impressions of his journey through Utah’s criminal justice system. (more…)

Call me crazy, sexist, misogynist, or even the anti-feminist . . . but why are people still obsessed with President Julie Beck’s talk given some six weeks ago in General Conference? (Hat Tip Gary at NDBF). And, just what is it that they think they know? Well, this is what they claim: (more…)

Sonny PerdueYesterday, Georgia Governor Sonny Purdue stood on the capitol steps and publicly led those assembled in prayer for rain for the parched state.  The idea of government leaders praying for solutions to problems, I think, is a good one.  Now, if we could only get George Bush, and the congressional leadership likewise to pray for a solution to an end to the mass killing and mayhem in Iraq–imagine. . .

Joseph Smith Papers Project

Joseph Smith letter from Liberty Jail, March 21, 1839, is one of several thousand documents in the Joseph Smith Papers Project.

Elaine Jarvik, in this morning’s Deseret News writes about a documentary to be aired by KJZZ Television in Utah on Monday evening, 11/5/07. Unfortunately, if you don’t live in the inter-mountain west, you are not likely to see the documentary. Perhaps BYU-TV may pick it up for re-broadcast, who knows. But, it sounds as though a wider LDS audience would be interested in such a re-broadcast. I know I would. (more…)