The Deseret News debuted a new section today, entitled the Mormon Times.  It will appear weekly, on Thursdays with articles to inform and edify those interested in LDS culture and religion. Columnists will include Orson Scott Card and Jerry Johnston:

As you can see, we have added a new section to the newspaper today, Mormon Times.

Why? Our readers, both in print and online, have told us they want more news and information about the LDS Church and its members. Our readers also have strongly reaffirmed their interest in a full-service daily newspaper that reports the local, national and international news in an unfiltered, accurate and unbiased manner. We will continue to do that, hopefully building on our successes of the past.

Mormon Times every week will contain articles that will inform and edify Latter-day Saints and others who are interested in LDS religion and culture. It will include news stories and features about the church and its members. It will have columns by Orson Scott Card and Jerry Johnston. It also will include a calendar of local events and helpful ideas and tips for dealing with many of the aspects of our time.

The new section will appear in both print and online versions of the Deseret News, with the online version being a bit more robust, since there is more room to give stories online than in print:

In addition to the new print section, we soon will be rolling out a new section on the Web site. This new section,, will be much more robust than the print version. It will include news items and columns that won’t fit in the printed section. It also will include numerous other features that will be, we hope, informative, interesting and useful to our readers.

In a certain respect, this new section harkens back to the early history of the Deseret News. Virtually all of the early editors, typesetters and other employees were trained at an earlier LDS Church publication called the Times and Seasons. An essential element of the mission of the Times and Seasons was to inform and edify its readers.

Today’s (Thursday 1/10/08) first run contains an article on the top 10 LDS new stories of 2007, an article on returned missionaries who litter the football landscape, and an Orson Scott Card column about LDS wards grooming the world 150 people at a time.

Stop by and check it out.  It looks to be an interesting addition to the Church owned Deseret News–sort of a more secularized version of the Church News–so to speak.

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