Monday, April 14th, 2008

Photo By Trent Nelson

The Salt Lake Tribune and KSL news are now reporting that Texas authorities have forced the FLDS mothers and children who were together since the raid last week, involuntarily apart.  KSL reports that the Texas CPS authorities apparently lied to the mothers and children claiming they would simply be moved to another shelter.  Rather, they dropped the mothers back at the FLDS ranch, and they are now separated from their children: (more…)

(Update 4/14/08 4:45 p.m.) The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the Texas CPS in its ongoing abuse of the FLDS Mothers and children, has now separated all the mothers from their children! Does anyone involved in this operation have any media savvy, let alone compassion for these poor mothers and children?

If you haven’t seen Brooke Adams’ latest blog entry on the Plural Life about misconceptions of FLDS dress standards, please take a few minutes and read it.  We can learn a few things here folks.

The most recent reports of the ill conceived Texas raid of the FLDS community near Eldorado Texas are more and more disturbing.  The Deseret News has chronicled video interviews of several FLDS parents, whose children were kidnapped under color of law by Texas law enforcement in the recent raid.  If you have not seen these videos, they are just heart wrenching and very powerful.  I don’t know how to embed video, and I’m not sure these can be embedded as they belong to the Deseret News; however, I will provide the links below, and encourage you to view them for yourselves: (more…)