Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

This post is my response to my fellow Mormon blogger, Clark’s post over at The Millennial Star.  I originally was just going to respond in the comments; however, my comment grew to an entire post sized response, hence my response here. (more…)

Peggy Fletcher Stack, of the Salt Lake Tribune, who wrote today’s article, has indicated that she, and I assume she also means the Salt Lake Tribune are trying to find out if any LDS Mormon families in Texas have volunteered to be foster parents to the FLDS children.   She asked me to post this question on the blog.  You can contact Peggy at pstack at sltrib.com.  Or, you can contact me at guy.murray at gmail.com.  

The Lies Of Texas Are Upon Us

Photo By Trent Nelson

The heartache and atrocities in Texas continue.  From the Deseret News, another heart wrenching account by the abused FLDS mothers.  I am simply dumb founded at what passes for justice, or even compassion in West Texas.  (more…)