The Denver Post, also picked up by the Salt Lake Tribune, reports that the Texas Rangers are now investigating the call prompting the FLDS raid by Texas law enforcement:

Texas Rangers are investigating whether a Colorado Springs woman made calls pretending to be an abused girl in a polygamist compound, sparking a mass child protective action in Eldorado, Texas.

Rozita Estraletta Swinton, 33, was arrested at her home Wednesday evening on charges of false reporting in two Colorado cases, but Texas Rangers were present for the arrest, Colorado Springs police said Thursday night.

Colorado Springs police said Swinton’s arrest Wednesday stemmed from local charges involving calls in February in which she claimed to be an abused child being held in a basement.

The investigation is focusing on Rozita Swinton who has been arrested in connection with phony calls in Colorado.  It is amazing to me how little the MSM is covering this story, particularly the cable networks who fell overthem selves to link beds in the FLDS temple to deviant sexual rites.

History of prior arrests for false reporting:

According to Colorado Bureau of Investigation records, Swinton also was arrested Wednesday on a fugitive warrant from Douglas County relating to another false reporting case.

On June 23, 2005, Castle Rock police arrested her on a misdemeanor charge of false reporting, according to CBI records.

Det. Sgt. Scott Claton said an adoption agency called June 21, 2005, saying a woman identifying herself as Jessica called saying she was considering giving up her baby to adoption.

She later left a letter on the agency’s door saying she changed her mind and was considering leaving the infant at a fire station and committing suicide.

Prior conviction for prior false reporting to police:

Swinton was charged June 28, 2005, with obstructing police and making a fake police report. She pleaded guilty to the false reporting charge and is currently serving a one-year deferred judgment in the case, according to Douglas County Court records.

Connection to FLDS case–calls traced to Colorado Springs

ABC News reported on its website Thursday that former Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints member Flora Jessop, who operates a rescue mission for teenage girls trying to escape the sect, told Texas authorities she had gotten calls from a girl claiming to be an abused member named Sarah.

A girl with that same name made the original calls for help to a San Angelo, Texas, hotline, sparking the raid in which 416 children were taken into protective custody.

Jessop told ABC News that the Texas Rangers directed her to record the calls and the Texas Rangers traced those calls to Colorado Springs.

Wow!  I guess it’s still too early to know whether Swinton actually made the calls to Texas, which is why I suppose the Texas Rangers haven’t yet made any arrests; but, one has to wonder where that same Texas restraint was when they raided the FLDS ranch in full military regalia, based on what could possibly have been a phony phone call.  And, when did they know the calls came from Colorado–before the raid, after the raid?

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