May 2008

The Texas Supreme Court today upheld the lower appellate court ruling, which ordered the trial Judge Barbara Walther to vacate her order authorizing the removal of all the FLDS children from the YFZ Ranch.  You can read the ruling here. (more…)

Well, Texas has not done anything right in this case from the inception–why start now?.  So, while I am disappointed to hear they plan to appeal the ruling, it is not really a surprise.  The Salt Lake Tribune reports: (more…)

It is with deep sadness that I relay what has already been posted and commented upon at other Nacle Blogs, but particularly the Wasp itself.  Justin Butterfield has decided the time has come to close the History books on the modern day version of the Mormon Wasp.  Justin is a class act, and the Nacle, will be a poorer place without his astute analysis, historical posts, and unparalleled sense of humor.  Not only that, he knows everything there is to know about modern day, and historical Mormonism.  I have always thought he had direct access to that First Presidency Vault up there in those granite mountains.

My hope is that he will maintain the Wasp as it is in perpetuity, and remain an active commenter in the ‘Nacle.  And, that we will continue to enjoy his wit and wisdom far into the future.

Thank you Justin for an incredible run with an outstanding Blog.  We will indeed miss you.  Fondest Regards.  And, God Bless.

Photo LM Otero/Associated Press

Justice is finally rearing its head in the ugly West Texas raid on the FLDS YFZ ranch.  The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that a Texas appeals court has ruled that Texas did not have sufficient evidence to seize all 400 plus children in its ludicrous actions last month: (more…)

On Thursday, 5/15/08, the California Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional California’s statutory scheme that defines marriage as a union between a man and woman. (more…)

The California Supreme Court issued its long anticipated same sex marriage opinion this morning.  I will try and provide analysis and commentary on the opinion, not only my own, but from other, more knowledgeable sources as well.  The initial opinion is now out, and it appears, shockingly, that the California Supreme Court has struck down the same sex marriage ban in California.  Here’s the money quote from the end of the opinion:  (Read the full opinion here: same-sex-marriage-opinion) (more…)

The Church website now hosts MP3 downloads of the entire Standard Works, and many other Church resources, including Preach My Gospel, Jesus The Christ and Teachings of the Presidents of the Church. I don’t know how long this has been up, but I just noticed it today; however, I admit I haven’t been by the Church’s website in a few days.  I’ve listened to a couple of offerings and they seem to work very well.  I haven’t yet tried downloading and transfering over to my iPod, but I will likely try that out over the weekend.  This is a great resource for listening to scriptures or other Church content in the car, or where ever else you might be with time on your hands, and your iPod available.  Great stuff!