June 2008

Well, OK Sunday came and went and we in California got the call.  I suspect Bishops all over California read the First Presidency letter in Sacrament Meeting (though my Bishop told me he learned about the letter from my blog, and had to confirm with the Stake President before reading it–lost letter out there somewhere); however, my son who is visiting cousins up in Anacortes, WA sent me a text that the Bishop in the Anacortes ward also read the letter over the pulpit at Sacrament Meeting. (more…)

The question is whether we will be there to answer it.  This Sunday, LDS bishops all over California will read, from the pulpit, a letter signed by the First Presidency, (First Presidency Letter) directed to each and every member of the Church in California. (more…)

The Deseret News, MormonTimes.com reports that Nauvoo is on flood watch: (more…)