Well, OK Sunday came and went and we in California got the call.  I suspect Bishops all over California read the First Presidency letter in Sacrament Meeting (though my Bishop told me he learned about the letter from my blog, and had to confirm with the Stake President before reading it–lost letter out there somewhere); however, my son who is visiting cousins up in Anacortes, WA sent me a text that the Bishop in the Anacortes ward also read the letter over the pulpit at Sacrament Meeting.

This brings up an interesting question.  Should the letter be read in all Sacrament Meetings, only those in California, or world wide?  It appears to be addressed specifically to California members; but, it would make sense to me that those who are so inclined in other parts of the world who wanted to donate at least money could certainly do so, and with the Brethren’s blessings.  Did anyone else outside of California hear the letter in their Sacrament Meetings?

I’m pleased to report there were no theatrics, at least in our ward.  No one got up and walked out while the Bishop read the letter.  No one got up and held up a rainbow colored banner proclaiming gay rights from the back of the Chapel.  But, I don’t know how it went elsewhere.  I’d be curious to hear if there were any disruptions as called for by some.

I’m also pleased to report the known universe appears to have continued in its predetermined orbit(s), even after the reading of the First Presidency Letter.  The sun appears to be setting once again in the West–all good signs.  I’m looking forward to hearing, what’s next.

Update 7:50 p.m.  Julie Smith has a related post up over at Times and Seasons.

I also spoke with my son this evening, who further informed me that not only was the letter read in Washingon, but the bishop indicated they should support the California Saints with donations and time where possible.