My last two posts, here and here, now quite some time ago dealt with the First Presidency letter read in Sacrament meetings all over California last June.  I am pleased to see that since that time from what I have heard and observed, California saints all over the state have heeded and continue to heed that call, with their time, talents, and means.  Tens of thousands have walked and continue to walk precincts and make telephone calls.

In our ward the Bishop has addressed the issue of Divinely appointed marriage between man and woman no less than three times from the pulpit, in Sacrament meeting, since the letter was read.  The Bishop has also addressed the topic several other times in Elder’s Quorm, High Priest’s Group as well as the Relief Society.  We in the Aaronic Priesthood have been asked to teach the concepts from the Family Proclamation to our young Aaronic Priesthood holders, which we continue to do.  I can only assume that the effort is being replicated to one degree or another all over California.

There are several other churches involved all over the state as well; however, it is very clear that local California LDS wards are very active in fulfilling the call handed down by Prophets, Seers, and Revelators to do all we can to support the proposed constitutional amendment by donating of our means and time to assure that marriage in California is legally defined as being between a man and a woman.

There is more to come.  Now that Labor Day has passed and the general election is in full swing, people are begining to pay more attention to election related issues.  Within the next several weeks the Yes on 8 campaign will kick into high gear, fueled in no small part to individual members all over California doing what they can to support and heed the Prophet’s call.  It is inspiring, and humbling to see this unfold and be a small part in what I believe to be an unequivocal moral issue–one with far reaching ramifications that too often on the surface is reduced to simplistic, superficial arguments and political sound bites.