October 2008

From an email forwarded to me, chronicling one family’s experience in trying to express their constitutionally protected political and religious opinion in California’s 2008 election, photos below the jump: (more…)

The Los Angeles Times article proclaims the priest is true to his faith, but at odds with his church.   After reading the article it sounds more like he is true to no one, including himself, and has lost his faith: (more…)

A quick follow up my prior post on the same subject.  I’ve been truly amazed at some of the antics ongoing all over California against those who are expressing their political and religious view points, fully protected by both state and federal constitutions.  More below the jump.  Update 10/21/08, even more disturbing is David’s post over at A Soft Answer where he discusses a coordinated effort a specifically targeting Mormons for their efforts on 8.  It’s a must read.  (more…)

I love Peggy Fletcher Stack, one of the Salt Lake Tribune’s best writers.  Really, I do.  Well, let me clarify.  I love her articles–I really do.  Peggy (if I may be so informal–she calls me Guy–probably among lots of other things too ;-)) anyway, Peggy has written some of the best articles about the LDS Church both from a mainstream point of view, and also from a less traditional point of view.   On some things we see eye to eye–other times not.  Peggy has a pretty good article in today’s Salt Lake Tribune, entitled Dissident Mormons.  I encourage you to read the whole thing.  (more…)

Mayor Gavin Newsom’s bombastic in your face proclamation on the family, “whether you like it or not” has come home to roost in the California genderless marriage debate.   And, at the center is a group of first graders, used as pawns in that debate. (more…)

As we approach election day here in California, I think it instructive to understand what legitimate interests the state (any state, not just California) has in promoting and sanctioning man/woman marriage over genderless marriage.

One of the most significant cases outlining the state’s interests was Hernandez v Robles 855 N.E.2d 1 (2006), where the New York Supreme Court soundly rejected genderless marriage in New York.  I look to New York, because their supreme court is well established and well respected–and frankly because the California State Supreme Court got it wrong. (more…)

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