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1:00 p.m. Choir Combined Primary Choir, Kaysville and Fruit Heights, UT

1:01 p. m.  Conducting, President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor, First Presidency

1:02 p.m. I am A Child of God–very touching choir–God’s Angels

1:06 p.m. Invocation by James M. Dunn Quorum of the Seventy

1:08 p.m. General Authorities of the Church presented for sustaining vote by President Eyring

1:12 p.m. Choir The Light Divine

1:18 p.m. Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Loved playing sports in his youth.  Not all memories though, were good.  His mother taught all their children to pick themselves up, even after losing.  Every day has peaks and shadows.  There are times when it seems the birds don’t sing and the bells don’t ring.  We can learn from difficult times.   Even general authorities experience grief and sadness.  We all have times in our life when our hearts are heavy, almost heavier than we can bear.

How can we love days filled with sorrow?  Probably we can’t at the moment.  But, the way we react to diversity can be a major factor in how happy we can be.

Have you ever encountered an angry driver, or a unseen cupboard door?  Laugh when you make mistakes, and anger and resentment will not take hold.  When you are tempted to groan, laugh instead.  It will extend your life and make it more enjoyable.

Seek for the eternal.  All of us must experience sorrow, no one is exempt.  It will refine our characters.  It is part of on the job training.  They stretch our understanding and increase our compassion for others.

Christ told the Prophet Joseph in Liberty Jail, My son, thine adversity will be but a small moment.  We too can take comfort as did Joseph.

Understand compensation.  That which we lose, we will eventually gain again, in God’s time.  Everything will be returned one hundred fold.  When the curtain of death signals the end of our life, we will then face new opportunities.  God is merciful.  The principle of compensation will prevail.

Put our trust in God and Christ.  God so loved us He gave us his only son.  God wants us to be happy.  He will come to our aid, and will strengthen us in our weakness.  He will make weak things become strong.  Though his mother has long passed to her eternal rewards, he still recalls her timely advice.  Come with me and love it.

1:30 p.m. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Elder Wirthlin lives the sermons he preaches.  Adam and Eve knew the world would contain thorns and thistles of every kind.  Yet, the greatest difficulty would be their departure from daily living with God.  Yet, this was a conscious choice willingly entered into.  God sent angels and messengers to guide and teach them.  They were taught about the Savior of the world.

Angels announced to Mary that she would carry the Christ child.  God has used angels as his emisaries to convey his word and message to the world.  It is rich doctrine.

Usually angels are not seen, but sometimes they are.  Whether seen or not, their missions are important.  They provide us guidance in difficult times.

Our present day is filled with global distress: financial, energy crises and terrorists attacks.  More serious are moral, ethical and spiritual decay.  Angels, however, are still sent to help us, even as they helped Adam and Eve, and even Christ Himself.  A God himself had need for heavenly comfort during His sojourn in mortality.

Has the day of miracles ceased, asked Mormon to Moroni?  Have the day of angels ceased?  No.  It is by faith that angels appear to men.

Take heart.  Be filled with faith.  God has said he will fight our battles.  Pray always and be believing.  All things will then work for our good.  The latter days are not a time to fear and tremble.  They are time to remember our covenants and to be believing.

Not all angels are from the other side of the veil.  Some reside in our own neighborhoods.  Some gave us birth.  Some even consented to marry us.

Quinn D. Beres story.  During the spring flood the children should not go after any cows going near the river.  They should always seek adult help.  One night he decided to go after the cows himself, despite the many warnings he had received.  He nearly drowned in the river, and realized he had disobeyed his father’s guidance.  He was lost, and discouraged.  He knelt in prayer, and asked for forgiveness.  He prayed for a long time.

When he looked up he saw a figure dressed in white walking toward him.  He thought it was an angel sent in response to his prayers.  Would the Lord really send an angel to me, one who had been so disobedient?  A familiar voice said, son I have been looking for you.  He ran to his father, who had swam the treachous river to save his son.

God never leaves us alone, nor will He so long as time shall last.  On occasions we will feel distanced from God.  Most times it will be of our own making.  But always, God is watching.  Angels will be watching, seen and unseen, mortal and celestial.   I will go before your face.  I will be on your right hand and on your left.

May we all be more angelic with kind words, strong words in support.

1:48 p.m. Choir and Congregation  Teach Me to Walk in the Light

1:51 p.m. Gerald Causse, Quorum of the Seventy

The search for knowlege is important.  It is impossible for man to be saved in ingornace.  If we don’t obtain knowledge sufficent to be saved we will be condemned.  This is Life eternal to know God and Jesus Christ.  Knowledge is ofter intrepreted by man.

The Glory of God is intelligence.  God adapts though to our respective levels of understanding.  The gospel is not reserved for the intellectual elite.   Christ’s teaching was simple not complex.

Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of God?  Christ responded, except you become as little children you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Christ once thanked God that He had hidden these things from the wise and prudent, and revealed them to babes.

Christ was baptized by John in the Jordan.  God himself proclaimed his pleasure while the Holy Ghost descended in the form of a dove.

Jacob in the Book of Mormon decried those who in turn decried simplicity.

The natural man is an enemy to God, unless he yields to the enticing of the spirit.  He must become even as a child.

Knowing God is a matter of opening our hearts to understand Go d.  We must accept Christ as our Savior.

2:02 p.m. Lawrence E. Cobridge Quoroum of the Seventy

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.  He that followeth me, shall not walk in darkness.  He that believth in me shall never die.

Jesus Christ is the Way.  He is light, life, bread, water, the Savior of the world, The Truth and The Way.  Only one way to happiness and fulfillement, Jesus Christ.  All other ways are just madness.

Either we eat and hunger no more, or we don’t, and we remain hungry still.  Either we follow him and see clearly or we don’t, and remain in blindness and foolishness.  Either we learn of Him or we don’t and remain foolishly dead, still.y

Either we accept the Atonement’s blessings or we don’t, and we remain alone and filthy still.  We believe in God and his son Jesus Christ.  God’s plan was implemented by the Son.

Only God can bless us.  Only He and sustain us, preserve and protect us, give us strength.  Only He can forgive our sins, heal us, bring us back to the Father.  He will do all that and much more if we remmeber Him to keep his commandments.  It is the ONLY intelligent thing to do.

Nothing in this life greater than the Holy Ghost.  The Atonement makes us change and makes us strong.  Every good thing depends on keeping the Holy Ghost in our life.

Christ paid the price of our education.  I don’t know how He did what He did.  I only know that He did.  What then shall we do?  Take upon us Christ’s name, keep his commandments so that we may always have His spirit to be with us.

Live life your own way, is the most popular philosophy of man.   But, we must follow Christ, and be even as He is.   We can follow him even though He led a perfect life.  It is not beyond our capacity.  God’s standard is the highest, but it is reachable by all.

Life’s greatest achievements are always the most difficult.  This is not a human endeavor.  It is God’s work, to bring to pass our immortality and eternal life.  No other institution, plan or philosophy can do this.  Nor do they have the gift of the Holy Ghost.  We are able through Christ’s Atonement.  All mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.

Life is hard for all, but also simple.  Two choices.  Follow the Lord, or go some other way.  Some other way, any other way, leads to darkness and turmoil.  Which way is truly easier?

Get on the path, and never ever give up.  You keep on going.  Don’t quit.  Jesus Christ is the way.  Any other way is madness.  All other ways are madness.

2:14 p.m. D. Todd Christofferson, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Zion is both a place and a people.  Enoch and his people dwelt with God.  God received this city unto himself.  They were of one heart and one mind.  There was no poor among them.

The antithesis of Zion is Babylon.  It’s foundation was the Temple of Baal.  Many sexual perversions were associated with its worship.  It is the symbol of decadent worldliness.

Today’s the Lord’s people are gathering from the nations, into Zion throughout the world.  Nephi saw these numbers would be small.  But they are armed with righteousness.  We must be a light, a standard to the nations.  D&C 115:5-6.

Early Church members attempted to establish Zion in Missouri.  But, the Saints didn’t qualify to build the Holy City.  They did not impart of their substance and they were not united.  They polluted their inheritance.  But, we cannot judge the early saints, as it is unlikely we are any better.  Take a look around us today and see.

Zion will come only as the following happens:

1.  We must become unified

2.  Become individually and collectively a holy people.

3.  Eliminate poverty among us.

When we place the Savior at the center of our lives and follow his servants, we will begin to cast off the old person and measure up to to our potential.

Savior critical of early saints because of their lustful desires.  But, compare and contrast, are we truly free from lustful desires?  Do we hunger and thirst after righteousness?  We must become not just good, but Holy men and women.

Let’s give up the summer cottage in Babylon, and take up full time residence in Zion.  The earth is full and there is enough to spare.  D&C 107:17-18.

In our temporal things we should be equal.  We control the disposition of our means.  Are we doing what we should and all we should?  In a society worshiping materialism, are we free from its clutches?  Are we content with what is sufficient for our needs?  Is gain really Godliness?  We carry nothing into this world.  We carry nothing out, in terms of material possessions.

We ought to have the building of Zion as our greatest object (Joseph Smith).  Prepare for when Zion, the new Jerusalem arrives.  Babylon the great is falling.  Come to Zion, Come to Zion, and within her walls rejoice.

2:31 p.m. President Eyring

General Priesthood at 6:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time.

2:32 p.m. I Love to see the Temple

Elder David A. Bednar, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

I had blog problems, and lost most of this part of the conference session.  I found only the following part of Elder Bednar’s talk:

How to help our prayers be more meaningful. 1.  Counsel with the Lord in all our doings.  Communicate with God.  When we learn our true relationship with God, then prayer is natural and instinctive.  We are commanded to pray always to the Father in the name of the Son.   Revelation is communicate from God to His children. We can learn His mysteries in this way.  They can only be understood by the power of the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost is the witness of the Father and the Son.   The spiritual creation preceded the temporal creation. Morning prayer constitutes a spiritual creation of the day, prior to the actual day. During the course of the day, keep a prayer in our hearts for guidance.  Let all our thoughts be to the Lord.  At the end of the day we kneel again and report back to our Father.  We repent.  We identify ways to become better tomorrow.  Our evening prayer builds on our morning prayer.  Morning and evening prayers are linked together each day, the weeks, and even years.  This is how we pray always.  Prayer is meaningful as we learn our relationship to God.

Choir We Thank Thee o God for a Prophet

Benediction by Don R. Clark Quorum of the Seventy