In an email update tonight from the Proposition 8 Coalition, it appears voters are swinging more and more in support of Proposition 8.  From today’s (10/8/08 Los Angeles Times). The Moderate Voice also has a post on these latest polls here. I reprint the email below: – Yes on Proposition 8

Dear Friend,

Just over a week ago we launched our first television ad featuring an arrogant San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom smugly admonishing California voters that they needed to accept gay marriage, “whether you like it or not.” Well, apparently the mayor is seriously mistaken!

Two new statewide polls released in the past two days show that the Yes on 8 campaign has taken a lead! Yesterday, the CBS/Survey USA showed that Yes on 8 is leading by a margin of 47% Yes to 42% No. That is a shift of ten points since our ad campaign began. Just today, Equality California briefed the gay media about their own campaign poll conducted by Lake Research Partners showing our campaign leading by a margin of 47% Yes to 43% No. A week ago that poll had us behind by five points. They attributed the sudden shift in voter attitudes to, “Yes on 8 is raising more money, and its most recent ad campaign is highly effective.”

Clearly, our campaign is resonating with California voters. While our advertising is powerful and provocative, it is the message we are conveying that is persuading voters to support Proposition 8. For the first time, voters are beginning to understand that there are very significant consequences to all Californians because of the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision.

Not only is our advertising campaign effective, but our grassroots activities are unprecedented. We have tens of thousands of volunteers walking precincts and phoning voters to educate them about Proposition 8. This week we begin the process of delivering yard signs to an estimated one million supporters! We’ve already distributed a million bumper strips. This level of grassroots activity has never before been conducted by a ballot initiative campaign in American history.

Tomorrow we begin airing a new commercial which zeroes in on one of the most profound consequences of legalizing same sex marriage — the impact on children who will be taught about gay marriage in the public schools. Watch the ad here. The ad lays out for voters what happened to second graders in Massachusetts when that state legalized gay marriage. Children were read an illustrated book about a prince who married another prince and the two went on to become “King and King.” It even includes a scene of the two men kissing! Remember, we are talking about teaching this to seven and eight year old children! Worse, when parents objected, the courts ruled against them.

The ad features Professor Richard Peterson of Pepperdine University School of Law asking and answering the question: “Think it can’t happen? It’s already happened.”

And it will happen in California if we don’t pass Proposition 8.

Our fundraising is going extremely well, but we must keep working hard. Will you make a special contribution today to help keep this ad on the air?

The – Yes on 8 campaign has been blessed with contributions from over 61,000 people. That is an extraordinary showing of grassroots support! We’ve raised $22.8 million since the first of July – but our opponents are also raising money at a furious clip. They have pledged to raise $10 million in the next 28 days. We must match them. Will you help?

Our fundraising success thus far has allowed us to expand our advertising into Spanish language television and radio spots. This will be vital in educating California’s critically important Hispanic community about Proposition 8. You can watch our Spanish TV ad by clicking here. We’ve also begun our radio campaign this week to ensure that voters across the state know about Proposition 8. Listen to our radio ad by clicking here.

After months of watching the other side dominate the airwaves with issue ads and campaign commercials, we now have momentum on our side. But we cannot let up. This race is very much up for grabs. The side that does the best job in communicating with voters over the final four weeks is the side that will win. That means raising money, continuing to execute our grassroots activities, and communicating to voters the many consequences the state will face if Proposition 8 is not enacted.

You can be proud that our collective effort has resulted in achieving significant voter support for Proposition 8. But, please, do not be lulled into a false sense of security. We have much work to do, and we need your continued support and effort. The good news is that if we each do our part, there is very strong evidence that we will win.

Thank you for your continued support,

Frank Schubert
Campaign Manager – Yes on 8