As I listened to last evening’s broadcast I was struck by how often and how forcefully two Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ emphasized how we should be tolerant of those who oppose our view point on traditional marriage.  Over and over, they emphasized throughout the hour long broadcast to be respectful of the views of others.  We were counseled to reach out in love, and to act as Jesus Christ would have us act.

I wonder whether those who oppose those our views on traditional marriage are receiving similar counsel of tolerance.  I certainly hope that none of the Saints would ever particpate in such acts of intolerance as appeared on this Yes on 8 sign, sitting on private property on a Church next to the Stake Center in Santa Maria.  Tolerance?   Update 10/9/08 8:30 p.m., more tolerance after the jump.

Update 10/10/08 9:20 p.m. further intolerance added to the list.