A quick follow up my prior post on the same subject.  I’ve been truly amazed at some of the antics ongoing all over California against those who are expressing their political and religious view points, fully protected by both state and federal constitutions.  More below the jump.  Update 10/21/08, even more disturbing is David’s post over at A Soft Answer where he discusses a coordinated effort a specifically targeting Mormons for their efforts on 8.  It’s a must read. 

This first example stems from a member of the Church here on the Central Coast.  He has placed one of the large wooden Yes on 8 signs on his private property at his home.  Last week, he received the hate mail reproduced below.  I have redacted the name and address; but the remainder is posted in full.

Simply amazing.  And, it has apparently escalated in at least one case to physical violence.  The Proposition 8 Website has an article outlining several instances of trespassing and property damage, all over California, including this most disturbing event of actual physical injury:

As if violently attacking a Yes on 8 volunteer in Modesto on Sunday were not bad enough, No on 8 forces have been intimidating Yes on 8 volunteers and stealing yard signs.

The individual violently attacked was:

Prop. 8 supporter, Jose Nunez, 37, was brutally assaulted while waiting to distribute yard signs to other supporters of the initiative after church services at the St. Stanislaus Parish in Modesto.

Again,  just unbelievable.  Several individuals have forwarded additional photos of defacement, which I will continue posting:

If you live in California, and have photos of similar instances of intolerance, I will post them online.  You can send them to me at guy dot murray at gmail dot com.