If you are interested in following the CA Supreme Court hearing this morning on the Proposition 8 arguments you can stream it live from the Internet here:




You’ll probably have better luck on CNN or MSNBC’s sites.

Update 9:37 a.m. I’m only able to listen off and on in the background because of work load today; but, the justices’ questions to counsel opposing Proposition 8.  I’m certain that the questions will be equally tough to the other side; but, I’m struck by the theme that seems to be emerging that Proposition 8 while limiting marriage to men and women, it does not deal with any of the other holdings of the court in the marriage cases that sexual orientation is still a protected suspect class.  Further, the idea that Californians reversed a prior death penalty case, a much more substantive right protected by the constitution–yet was still upheld.  Too early to tell how the justices are leaning.  We need to hear the questions for the other side; but, these justices have done their homework and are engaging these attorneys.  I have do doubt they will be as aggressive with the other side–as it should be.

Didn’t get to hear much more of the arguments.   Below are some links to some of the Proposition 8 coverage:

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