This morning’s session of conference was fabulous, with timely and inspired messages from all the speakers.  I expect more of the same for this afternoon.  Most cable companies and satellite compnies will carry General Conference.  On Dish it will be carried live on BYUTV channel 9403.  The Church’s website will have a live stream here.    If you want to experience some of the newest technology, try the LDS Newsroom’s Twitter feed, which you can follow here:  twitter.com/LDSNewsroom.  The twitter search term for conference is #ldsconf, as well as #LDS and #Mormon.  Plug those exact search terms into Google, and you’ll fine a plethroa of information about General Conference.  Or, perform the same search directly on Twitter, and you will be amazed at what you will find in terms of General Conference discussion. The Newsroom also has an article on the conference.  In the Bloggernacle, I’m certain there will be several blogs commenting on and following General Conference.  Here are a few, I anticipate will have open threads or other feeds, comments and posts:

By Common Consent

Temple Study

Our Thoughts

1:00 p.m. Choir, Combined Salt Lake Area Institutes of Religion

    1:01 p.m. Conducting, Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor First Presidency

Welcome to second session.  Welcome to all in attendance or via TV, Internet, and Stake Centers via satellite.  

1:02 p.m. Choir Come Thou Glorius Day Promise

1:05 p.m. Invocation Spence J. Condie Seventy–Bless us with listening ears, and receptive hearts–well said.

1:06 p.m. Choir Come O Though King of Kings

1:10 p.m. President Uchtdorf Presenting of Church Authorities for sustaining by general membership.  Sunday School Presidency and Young Men Presidency all released–new presidencies sustained.  All voting unanimous.  

1:19 p.m.  Auditing Report

Robbert W. Cantwell, managing Director Church Finance Dept.  First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve, Presiding Bishopric approve Church funding.  Auditing deparment has access to all books.  Is independent of all other Church deparments, CPA’s, auditors, and other professionals.  Based on audits, all material respects, contributions, expenditures, and assets all recorded and adminstered in conformance with approved accounting procedures.

1:22 p.m.  Statistical Report–subject to updating–these came pretty fast.

Brook P Hales,

2818 stakes

346 missions

622 Districts

28,109 wards/branches

13,598,509 members

123,502 children record baptized

52,494 missionaries

4 Temples dedicated

128 Temples operating

1:24 p.m. M. Russel Ballard Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Fascinating and bewildering times.  Grateful to speak today.  Has an important message for youth of Church.  Expensive lesson learned because didn’t listen to his father’s counsel.  Became first and last Salt Lake City Edsel dealer.  Powerful lesson.  If you will listen and learn, you can learn great lessons from those who have come before you.  If you respond to their counsel it will be for your benefit and blessings.

Look to your parents and those who have gone before, you will find examples of faith you should duplicate.  Always worthwhile to learn from experience of others.  Many professions require internships.  Rookies in pro sports often must sit on the bench and learn from experienced players.  New missionaries placed with a senior companion.  

For most important questions of eternal lives, answers in scriptures, and in testimonies of prophets and apostles.  Just because they are older does not make them irrelevant, but more relevant.  Those who cannot remember the past are condemned or “doomed” to repeat it.  

Great lessons to be learned from the past.  Don’t exhaust your spiritual strength by not learning from past.  We can learn from Old Testament examples.  We can learn from New Testament examples as well.  Great apostacy led to dark ages.

God loves all children.  Spiritual light because God turns his back–it’s the other way around, folks.  Spiritual darkness is natural consequence of bad choices by people, families, communities, and nations.  Choices result in spiritual consequences for us and our posterity.

We live in a time where there are no boundaries at all.  We live in a time that reject concepts of right and wrong.  Those who live by faith are rejected by today’s society, which scoff’s at them.  Our sacred rites and publicly mocked.  The patterns repeat.  Wealth, prosperty, greed, collapse of morality.  

God knows us and loves us, wants us eternally happy.  The choice is ours.  We must decide whether to ignore the past or learn and follow the faithful followers of Christ.  Hope you will be wise to learn past’s lessons.  Don’t spend time as Laman and Lemuel to know it’s better to be Nephi or Jacob.  Don’t have to be Cain to know wickedness was never happiness.

Learning lessons of the past lets you walk boldly in light without stumbling in darkness.  This is God’s plan, parents teaching children.  Meaning and message must be written in our hearts.  If we are receptive to Spirit we will understand the lessons of past, burned into our souls by our testimony.  No new techology to gain testimony.  Can’t text message faith.  Can’t Google to get a testimony. 

 1:39 p.m. Quentin L. Cook Quorum of the Twelve Apostles  

In the world you shall have tribulation; but, Christ overcame the world.  Stumbling blocks to faith.  In past years, increase in discussion of our faith and beliefs.  1863 Dickens to report on LDS converts.   Dickens went to bear testimony against them, if they deserved it.  But, he found they did not deserve it.  Found converts the pick and flower of England.  

Righteous members generally reported favorably.  Those who observe us closely have same view as Dickens.  Members rejoice in Church and Gospel.  Viewed favorbably when we live Christ’s teachings.  When we don’t live righteously it can be a stumbling block to those who are not members.

Some will curse God.  Some will turn their hearts from God because of precepts of men.  Some ads on London buses claim no God, so get on with your lives.  Some have trouble with Virgin Birth, and even First Vision to Joseph Smith.  Concern for honorable people of earth, but who are confused by the world.  Some have been taught heavens closed.  This belief not scriptural but is a stumbling block for certain. 

White Swan analogy.  Some refuse to seriously investigate Church because they believe there is no continuing revelation. Some taught all their lives never any more prophets and apostles on the earth.

Joseph Smith restored proper understanding of salvation, death, spirit prison, ressurection and Atonement.  These doctrines were not correctly taught at the time of the Restoration.   Jesus came to cleanse all world from unrighteousness.  Book of Moses, Behold my work and Glory to bring to pass the Eternal life of man.  

Christ restored true doctrine on plan of Salvation.  Still, our attitude toward other Churches is to avoid criticism–they do much good.  Leaders counsel us to live with respect to those not of our faith.  Important to be loving and kind to members of our own faith, despite levels of activity.  Our job is to love and teach and never give up, especially in our own families–critical point here.

Obtain Eternal life through obedience to commandments and the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.   And, should we die before our journey’s through, Happy Day–all is well.  

Rejoices in great plan of salvation.  Grateful for Atonement of Christ, bears witness of Him, Jesus Christ.

1:55 p.m. Choir Let us all Press On

1:57 p.m.  Kevin W. Pearson Quorum of the Seventy

Vital principle, Faith in Jesus Christ.  We all have need of greater faith.  Never a greater need for this than now.  We have been commanded to teach faith to our children.  To have faith to have confidence in something or someone.  Faith a principle of action or power.  Faith a spiritual gift.  

If we don’t give out children Faith in Christ, we have given them little.  Do our children know of our faith and conviction?  Do they see it in our lives?   To be casual in our obedience hinders faith.  

Influence of Holy Ghost produces spiritual equivlaent of a chemical reaction, i.e., a change of heart or life.  Personal righteousness is a choice.  One who has faith has great spiritual power.   It can be seen in righteous parents, virtuous young women, the young missionary.  It is the faith spoken of by Alma.  

There is an opposition in all things.  Man is enticed by the one or the other.  It can be enticing to chose doubt over faith.  Lord, I believe, help my unblief.  Faith and doubt cannot co-exist–one must give way to the other–which will we choose?

Is my own net faith positive or negative?  If we allow doubt to control us, then no.  If the other way around, then yes.  We get what we focus on consistently.  

1.  Doubt–not principle of Gospel. Negative emotion, lack of confidence, inconsistet with Children of God status.

2.  Discouragement–leads to lower expectations.

3.  Distraction–an effective tool of Satan, also a bad habit.

4.  Disobedience results in disbelief as well.  We choose to be  past feeling.

If we have faith in Christ we will have power to do that which is expedient.   Choose to live in faith, not fear. 

2:09 p.m.  Rafael E. Pino Quorum of the Seventy

Story of children allowed to go play in the beach and water.  Noticed three year old not with the others.  Quickly pulled her out of the water, but nothing could be done.  She had drowned.  Feeling of unbearable torment followed.  But, knowledge that children born under the covenant, knowing she belonged to them forever. 

Let not your heart be troubled or afraid.  Several years learned of another faithful family’s tribulations.  Many in that family died in a car accident.  This was the time to show loyalty to God and that we are subject to Him.  The Lord gives and he takes away.  Christ is the Resurrection and the Life.

God revealed to Joseph Smith that even Christ suffered in both body and spirit.  Christ did not want to drink of the bitter cup; but, he did anyway.   Joseph Smith also experienced great adversity, and was promised that it would be only for a short moment, and that if he endured it well, it would be well with him. 

The winds came and blew against both the prepared and ill prepared houses.  Which will we be?  

2:18 p.m. Elder Richard G. Scott Quorum of the Twlelve Apostles 

Careful planning majority of members of Church can recieve Temple ordinances and those blessings from Temple.  Sees sacrafice by some when they are a great distance.  Then, when a Temple is closer, somehow the attendance is less frequent.  We need to set goals to attend the Temple.  He has a goal to attend one Temple session per week.  Encourages us to set own goals to attend Temple as we can.  What greater activity than going to the Temple?  

Understand doctrine related to Temple ordinances, especially Atonement.  Consider our relationship to Christ and His to God.  This will lead to greater understanding of Temple ordinances.  Express gratitude to blessings that come from Temple ordinances.  Schedule regular Temple visits, with ample time to spend in the Temple, unhurried.

Remove watch when you go to the Temple.  Listen to the presentation carefully to the ordinance.  Think of the individual for whom the ordinance is performed–pray for them.  Much of the majesty of Temple cannot be remembered by one Temple experience.  Both indivduals must be want the sealing to be effective.

Special meaning Temple has for him personally.  Fourteen years ago, lost his wife in death.  Has never asked why, but what does God want him to learn?  This is a good way to face the unpleasant in our life.  His children are blessings in his life.  His son Richard born with a heart defect.  Surgeon first expressed success to them, then within 10 minutes later his son had died from the shock of the operation.  Rejoice in knowledge all his children sealed to them for time and eternity.  Everything else in the hands of the Lord.  We should never complain when we are living worthily.

Fourteen years ago, God decided not necessary for his wife to live in mortality.  He doesn’t understand why necessarily, but does not complain.  He does feel her influence.  When we keep Temple covenants then come what may, we have no reason to worry or be despondent.  Knows he will be with his wife and those children who died because of Temple ordinances.  Sealing authority on earth is a blessing.  

Greatful for the restoration of Temple ordinances.  Christ lives.  This is His Church.  Is a witness of Christ and His Atonement.  

2:33 p.m.  President Urchtdorf reminder of Priesthood session this afteroon, early evening.  Reminder of tomorrow’s sessions of conference.  Thanks choir this afternoon. 

2:34 p.m. Elder Russell M. Nelson, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Welcome to Elder Anderson to Quorum of the Tweleve.  President Monson submits his will to Christ.  Prayers follow patterns and teachings of Christ.  Christ taught us how to prayer.  Begin with the Lord’s prayer, which he recited.  Listen for lessons from this prayer.  Is recorded twice in New Testament, one Book of Mormon, and in revised edition by Joseph Smith which was clarified.

As we forgive others trespasses, God forgives us.  Temptation clarification helpful.  Watch and pray that we enter not into temptations.  They all open with saluation to our Father.  

Hallowed be thy name, reflect respect we should have as we pray.  Thy will be done reflects concept discussed later.  

Give us daily bread–Christ is the bread of life and we will never hunger if we seek after Him.

Those who concur in a prayer should incude an Amen.  Avoid vain repetations.  Lord’s prayer is a pattern we can follow,  not just memorize and repeat.   Christ’s intercessory prayers were also instructive both in Old World and also ancient America.

Pray unto Father in Christ’s name.  We apply that lesson when we pray in Christ’s name.    

 Companionship of Holy Ghost so important, Christ prayed and thanked God for it.  We should also pray for the Holy Ghost in our lives.  The song of the righteous is a prayer unto God, and will be answered with a blessing.  We should continue in prayer and fasting from this time forth.  Wisdom from fasting, but in moderation.  

Closing prayers should not become a sermon.  They should be short supplications for spirit and giving gratitude.  Use special pronouns regarding God.  Today daily dress and speech is more casual.  We should use thee, thy, thine and thou.  

We should pray whenever we desire.  Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings.  Let our hearts be full of thanks to God.  We should always pray in our hearts.  We should have family and personal prayers as well as praying over our food.  Christ, Savior and Redeemer, prayed that His will would be swallowed up in the will of the Father.  Asked that, Father, Thy will be done.  We should likewise pray. 

2:50 p.m. Choir Sing We Now At Parting

2:54 p.m.   Benediction Douglass L. Colister 70