(Update 04/09/09 7:15 a.m. Β Kaimi has apparently responded, appropriately over at Adam’s new blog. Β I’ve closed comments on this thread, and don’t have anything more to say–but wanted to link to Kaimi’s response).

The “Truth Will Prevail” motto appears to be going through some tough times over there at Times and Seasons. Adam Greenwood–one of the original founding members of the blog has now resigned, and opened shop over at Junior Ganymede. Most troubling, however, is his post relating why he has resigned from Times and Seasons. It’s only one side of the story; but, on its face it’s a troubling story–and there appear to be some facts and links in support. It’s a bit saddening for me, because my first initiation to the “Bloggernacle” was through Times and Seasons, many years ago. It appeared to be place where the Spirit and the Intellect co-existed in harmony–and all those really, really smart kids on the block–with all that higher education–appeared to all be very, very faithful Latter-day Saints. (And, I’m not suggesting any, some or all aren’t–that’s not my job). It is a bit saddening to read all is/was not at all well in Times and Seasons paradise. I wish them well over there, and hope they work through it all. And, Adam Greenwood–best of luck to you in your new endeavor.