Kathryn Skaggs, runs a blog called, “A Well Behaved Mormon Woman” In her latest post, I struggle with her self-anointed title as well as her trademark “Just trying to Do More good one day at a time tDMg”  Is this really how a well-behaved Mormon Woman acts and writes about a fellow member of the Body of Christ?

For me personally, the issue with the OW sect has never been about members who may struggle with understanding the doctrine of the Church, question it, or might even disagree with parts of Mormonism; certainly some do, in private ways. Rather it’s the ongoing, blatant disregard under the guise of faithful membership to advocate publicly and contrary to the official position/doctrine of the Church and its leaders whom we sustain as prophets, seers, and revelators. In my opinion, such actions do nothing for the building up of the kingdom of God and instead serve as an attempt to publicly shame the male leadership of the Church in hopes of submission and to create division among members.

When you accuse fellow members of your faith of faux faithfulness, belonging to a “sect,” the dissemination of false doctrine, and attempting to shame Church leadership, how exactly does that “try to Do More good one day at a time?” Kathryn’s words appear to be words of glee and condemnation rather than empathy and concern for fellow saints–despite her protestations to the contrary.

Without the benefit of the formal hearings that have been scheduled but not yet held by those whose calling it is to administer such hearings, Skaggs has unilaterally blogged and convicted both John Dehlin and Kate Kelly of apostasy and spreading false doctrine. End of story. According to Skaggs:

I feel this is a good opportunity for each of us to observe what modern-acts of apostasy look like and so that we can be more aware in the future of what to avoid — or perhaps even turn away from, right now. We can do this, we must do this, and it is not unbecoming of a Christian, in the least, if done with the proper spirit.

Frankly, it’s surprising to me the Church even feels the need to go forward with disciplinary hearings given Skaggs identification and warning to the world of the of such apostate and disingenuous conduct. They should simply mail in the excommunication orders directly to Skaggs to post on her website, enabling her to continue to Do More good one day at a time.

Kathryn, yes, it is true you are a Mormon. Yes, you are also a woman; however, your condescending tone, your insensitivity, your unilateral and unrighteous judgment confirms that you are far from well-behaved.

Posted From Nipomo, CA