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I love Peggy Fletcher Stack, one of the Salt Lake Tribune’s best writers.  Really, I do.  Well, let me clarify.  I love her articles–I really do.  Peggy (if I may be so informal–she calls me Guy–probably among lots of other things too ;-)) anyway, Peggy has written some of the best articles about the LDS Church both from a mainstream point of view, and also from a less traditional point of view.   On some things we see eye to eye–other times not.  Peggy has a pretty good article in today’s Salt Lake Tribune, entitled Dissident Mormons.  I encourage you to read the whole thing.  (more…)

Sometimes, the faith of our fathers is better left to the revisionists.

Wow!  And, Mr. Egan ought to know.  His recent article in the New York Times is as revisionist as it gets.  While I responded briefly to Mr. Egan, by far the best (and most biting) response, far more eloquent than mine, was posted over at Nine Moons by fellow Mormon blogger Seth R.  Well done Seth, and thank you.

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(Peter and Mary Danzig, (Paul Fraughton /The Salt Lake Tribune)

I was amused and even a bit saddened while reading Peggy Fletcher Stack’s most recent article on media made myrtars who have publicly criticized the Church for their life’s problems.  In an article deceptively entitled “LDS Church disciplines musician”, Ms. Stack marshals an array of misrepresentations and some outright falsehoods to support such a ridiculous conclusion. (Update 2/25/08 9:18 a.m.) I just checked the Tribune website and the Tribune editors have apparently changed the article headline now to read “Fallout from debate over gays leads musician to leave LDS Church.” Seems the Tribune is backpedaling just a bit now. (more…)

So reads the title of an an exceptional article  in today’s (2/8/08) Wall Street Journal, written by Suzanne Sataline about the spate of resurgent anti-Mormonism and religious bigotry the Church and its members have experienced over the last year or so.  Subtitled Mormons Dismayed by Harsh Spotlight, Ms. Sataline chronicles the recent uptake in anti-Mormon activity, particularly since the inception of the Mitt Romney Presidential bid.  Update read the Church’s comments on Sataline and other related media articles: (more…)

Huckabee The HypocriteEditor and Publisher is reporting that Mike Huckabee–the Baptist candidate for President–is about to slam his rival, Mitt Romney, along with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with that tired old anti-Mormon question: Don’t Mormons believe Christ and the devil are brothers: (more…)

The so-called “Reverend” Al Sharpton, defender of all things racial has turned religious bigot. In a debate with Christopher Hitchens, Mr. Sharpton implied that Mormons don’t really believe in God. Quipped Sharpton:

“As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don’t worry about that; that’s a temporary situation.”


Nauvoo ExpositorAnti-Mormon religious bigotry has officially returned to Nauvoo. Today’s Chicago Tribune reports on a couple, described as Christian evangelists from Chicago, proclaiming an anti-Mormon message. They are Rocky and Helen Hulse, who operate their anti-Mormon propaganda mission from a small store front called the Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center. A quick check of their website reveals the typical anti-Mormon diatribe, complete with borrowed (from other anti-Mormon sites) reproductions of the Temple endowment ceremony: (more…)

This is already a topic, about which several blogs in the bloggernacle have already had in depth discussions. See FAIR’s point by point rebuttal; Artemis’ post at fMh; Tanya’s post at Millennial Star; Jeff Lindsay’s post at Mormanity; and, PDOE’s post at Mormon Mentality; I simply add one more voice in opposition to this type of bigoted anti-Mormon behavior by some of these our “Christian” brothers and sisters (so-called). (more…)

That’s So GayMSNBC’s website, among others carries a story that just begs to be blogged. It tells the unbelievable story of Rebekah Rice, a young woman who was the victim of religious harassment at school, and ended up in the principal’s office and disciplined for something she said as opposed to something that she actually did. (more…)

(Update: For more on this issue, please see The Bloggernacle Times) Andrew Sullivan, a so called conservative blogger, who happens also to be “gay” has a series of posts over at the Daily Dish, the content of which reveals an unabashed anti-Mormon religious bigotry. He starts with this ludicrous post denying that believing members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) are Christian. Opines Sullivan: (more…)

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