Big Love


If you’re a Big Love Fan, you’ll get a kick out of their Christmas Album A Juniper Creek Christmas

As much as Big Love distorts and outright lies in its portrayal of the Church at times in its episodes–it’s an entertaining series.  The “carols” on this album are actually pretty funny–a different and light heartded polygamous take on the Christmas Season with Roman Grant and his wives at Juniper Creek.

salt-lake-temple.jpgAfter almost a week of Big Love aftermath, I very much enjoyed reading Peggy Fletcher Stack’s article in today’s Salt Lake Tribune, entitled:  Sacred ceremonies: Latter-day Saints say temple worship must be experienced to be understood.  I think the title says it all.  It’s a good lead, for one of the better media pieces on the whole Temple ceremony story. (more…)

I realize Big Love is “entertainment” and not real.  After watching tonight’s episode, I also realize  that HBO and the Big Love crew have no hesitation in casting others’ pearls before swine.  A few points of clarification are in order from tonight’s episode. (more…)