The Baptist Standard has an interesting article today about blogging religious opinions, with possibly some applicability for our own ‘nacle community and religious bloggers in general. The article quotes from a speech given by Hugh Hewitt to evangelical leaders: (more…)

May She Rest In PeaceThe news flash, apparently official, The Millennial Star no longer shines. The Star’s bloggers were an eclectic group, producing some interesting reading during their run. The Advocate bids adieu to a sister namesake.

For my friends who read the Messenger and Advocate; but don’t get much further around the Bloggernacle, I wanted to point you to two posts I’ve done in the last two days over at the Bloggernacle Times, here and here. They both discuss, and provide additional links to commentary on the yellow journalism and religious bigotry coming out of the Globe, about the Church and Mitt Romney. Any updates will be posted over at the Bloggernacle Times.

There’s a new Irony in the ‘nacle folks, with a pretty funny post about all the past week’s primary discourse. While it’s a tad early to tell . . .if the first post is a pattern of things to come they’ll be light years ahead of their competition.

Well, I’ve finally waded through most of the post and comments on the RT/Midgley threads, that Clark has succinctly listed here. Very entertaining, while enlightening as well. (more…)

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