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From another new Mormon related blog, Doves and Serpents, they have a pretty funny post up mixing Facebook with Early Book of Mormon and LDS Church characters.  The post is here, and a screen shot follows below.  Pretty funny and imaginative actually:


Congratulations to President Elect Obama.  This is an historic evening.  I’m not sure I have anything profound to add.  I feel grateful to be alive to witness the Cradle of the Restoration elect the first African-American President in its Divine history.  For those who think God no longer has a hand in America’s future–think again.  He raises up wise men still. I am proud to be a Californian.  I am proud to be an American.  I am proud to be one of  the weakest of those who are or who can be called a saint.

I am optimistic for America’s future.  God does Bless America.  May He continue to shed His Grace on this great land in the coming weeks, months and years.


The Church website now hosts MP3 downloads of the entire Standard Works, and many other Church resources, including Preach My Gospel, Jesus The Christ and Teachings of the Presidents of the Church. I don’t know how long this has been up, but I just noticed it today; however, I admit I haven’t been by the Church’s website in a few days.  I’ve listened to a couple of offerings and they seem to work very well.  I haven’t yet tried downloading and transfering over to my iPod, but I will likely try that out over the weekend.  This is a great resource for listening to scriptures or other Church content in the car, or where ever else you might be with time on your hands, and your iPod available.  Great stuff!

Joseph Smith Papers Project

Joseph Smith letter from Liberty Jail, March 21, 1839, is one of several thousand documents in the Joseph Smith Papers Project.

Elaine Jarvik, in this morning’s Deseret News writes about a documentary to be aired by KJZZ Television in Utah on Monday evening, 11/5/07. Unfortunately, if you don’t live in the inter-mountain west, you are not likely to see the documentary. Perhaps BYU-TV may pick it up for re-broadcast, who knows. But, it sounds as though a wider LDS audience would be interested in such a re-broadcast. I know I would. (more…)

Book of MormonMitt Romney stumping in Iowa today was confronted by Mary Van Steenis, one of the Christian conservatives he was there to court. (more…)

PBS The Mormons

There has been much discussion in the media and the Bloggernacle about the PBS series The Mormons, both pre-and post broadcast. For easier reference I will attempt to chronicle these discussions, and gather them into one location. If someone knows of Bloggernacle (or other good) posts I have missed, please let me know so that I can add them. If you missed the broadcast you can watch it online here. You can read the full text of the interviews here, and they are well worth the time. You can also purchase the DVD here:

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DMI Dave, has a great post up over at, well of course, DMI. In his post-election depression Dave has begun to lament the lovely lentil–and, a five year boycott appears to be imminent. Since he has, probably wisely, closed off comments over at DMI, I’ll respond over here. (more…)

The scholarly panel discussion of the Book of Mormon as literature was held Wednesday evening in Salt Lake City. Write-ups about the conference (prior to) are at DMI, Mormon Metaphysics and also The Deseret News. A Motley Vision has a very nice write up on the post conference from Eric Russell who was lucky enough to attend. (more…)

(Updated 8/10/06) [Note: This is an updated post from the old M&A Blogger site, containing the most recent links and commentary on this issue.] A “recent” article in the Los Angeles Times has returned the issue of The Book of Mormon and DNA to the news media. My purpose in this post is simply to catalogue to the extent possible, in one location as much of the DNA and Book of Mormon discussion that has occurred in the Bloggernacle and other sources. If anyone knows of posts, threads or discussions I have missed, please let me know so that I may include them here. I will disclose up front that I believe the Book of Mormon to be what it claims to be, i.e., a Second Witness for Jesus Christ. Therefore, I will retain editorial control over the links I post. My purpose is to provide links that will impart information for faithful Latter-day Saints to become informed on these issues, and to allow them to study it out in their own minds. Many of the Blog links below are generally faithful discussions of this issue; however, some of the comments are at times critical of the Church’s position.

The Los Angeles Times article or here.

Church’s Official Response

Bloggernacle Times
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LDS Science Review
7/11/05 Tvedtness on DNA and Book of Mormon
7/19/05 Southerton and Murphy Could It Have Been Different
2/16/06 Elder Oaks DNA and The Book of Mormon

Meridian Magazine
8/10/02 Parable of the Chess Club by Geoffrey Biddulph

Millennial Star
5/27/05 Mediterraneans in New World

2/12/06 Hidden Wisdom of the Gospel
2/17/06 DNA Issue Rediscovered in L.A. Times

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8/8/04 Further Thoughts on DNA Issue
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2/10/05 The Logic of DNA Attacks on Book of Mormon
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3/10/05 Semitic Peoples in Ancient Mesoamerica
5/25/05 New Paper on DNA Book of Mormon Issue
6/15/05 Tunnel Vision–Critics on DNA Challenge to Book of Mormon
9/15/05 Sherem The Foreigner
10/1/05 Church Affirms Divinity of Book of Mormon
10/26/05 Jewish DNA
11/12/05 Another Scientist Takes On Southerton
2/18/06 L.A. Times Discovers Another Old Story
3/12/06 Can Iceland Chill Out The DNA Issue

Mormon Metaphysics
12/21/05 Sunstone and Potter’s Hermeneutics

Our Thoughts
7/30/04 DNA Lamanites and Book of Mormon
7/21/05 Southerton Promoting Book Again
2/18/06 Traditional Doctrine

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Radio Blogger
2/16/06 Does the Book of Mormon have a DNA problem

2/21/06 The Other Side of the Book of Mormon DNA Debate–Daniel Peterson

Right Side Redux
2/17/06 Old News New Attacks

Straight and Narrow Blog
2/18/06 Lamanite Redux

Sunstone Magazine
December 2004 Logical Structure DNA Arguments by Blake Ostler
May 2005 DNA Strands In The Book of Mormon by Blake Ostler

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11/25/03 The Curse
11/26/03 Nephites, Lamanites, and Native Americans
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