Emergency Preparedness


(Frank and Patsy Jackson stand in their basement food storage room surrounded by cans and boxes they’ve stockpiled at their home in Leeds, Utah Feb. 10.  By Jud Burkett, The Spectrum)

And, better yet, would you have to radically change what you eat?  A story in USA Today by Brian Passey, a reporter for the St. George Spectrum writes about a family that actually lived on its food storage for a month, without skipping a beat–or more importantly a meal:


IDOS Dutch Oven Cook-offToday’s Deseret News has one of those stories just too good to pass up, and it’s a fun, positive story. The International Dutch Oven Society (IDOS) had its World Championship Cook-off over the weekend in Sandy, UT. If you’re not familiar with Dutch Oven cooking, you should really check out this story and also browse around the IDOS web site (link above). (more…)

hawaii-quake.jpgThis morning’s Deseret News contained a report focusing on Church members in the Hawaiian Islands after their large earthquake yesterday. The line that caught my attention was the hometeaching angle, which if you think about it, makes absolute common sense. Quoting President Eric B. Shumway, BYU Hawaii President, and an area Seventy: (more…)